Stories of Prince Albert

Connie Sampson


Do you know what a paraprosdokian is? I just found out. It is a figure of speech you change for a new and usually funny meaning.

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It is 2100 hours on Wednesday and I still haven’t decided what to write about this week! This is a common problem among columnists. Holycowwhatamigunnawriteabout.

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Garage Sale

I am going to have a garage sale. This decision has been a long time coming – since I moved out west from Ottawa in 1966 to be exact.

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Today, April 10, I saw a robin, which is the final sign I needed to convince me it is okay to step outside and see my shadow.

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I am being bugged by the urge to get planting, even though the ground is frozen solid. This is the only bugging I can deal with in the garden, so it is a pleasure. 

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