Stories of Prince Albert

Connie Sampson

Garage Sale

I am going to have a garage sale. This decision has been a long time coming – since I moved out west from Ottawa in 1966 to be exact.

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Today, April 10, I saw a robin, which is the final sign I needed to convince me it is okay to step outside and see my shadow.

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I am being bugged by the urge to get planting, even though the ground is frozen solid. This is the only bugging I can deal with in the garden, so it is a pleasure. 

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Blanket Game

The blanket game is a way of learning the history of indigenous rights over the past 500 years. It is quite an eye opener. For example, did you know that the pope in 1493 proclaimed that any land not occupied by Christians was open for ‘discovery’? 

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Canada 1867 or 1917

I remember the day I told my Eldest Son about what was then called the militia – now called the army reserves - to avoid sharing a name with the notorious white supremacists in the USA who call themselves The Militia.

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