Stories of Prince Albert

Connie Sampson

Signs of Talent and Talent in Signs

The Wolfe rocks!

They really wanted to learn to play. They met in French class. Tefa Thompson learned to play the drums and Gabrielle Giroux learned the guitar. They asked Siobhan Bayda to join them and “The Wolfe” was born.

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Flat Earth and More Moose

Did you know you need as umbrella with you when you sea bird watch in Newfoundland? No, it isn’t because of potential rain. It’s just because you can get that close to any number of the 35 million sea birds that call Newfoundland home.

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Do you know what a paraprosdokian is? I just found out. It is a figure of speech you change for a new and usually funny meaning.

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It is 2100 hours on Wednesday and I still haven’t decided what to write about this week! This is a common problem among columnists. Holycowwhatamigunnawriteabout.

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Garage Sale

I am going to have a garage sale. This decision has been a long time coming – since I moved out west from Ottawa in 1966 to be exact.

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