Prince Albert Voice

Kyle Anderson

Prince Albert SPCA Doing It Right

After we got married, before we had our son, we decided to do a practice run and get ourselves a dog. Growing up, all of our dogs and cats had come from the SPCA and this new addition to our family was to be no exception.

I remember it was a snowy day in December when we went to the old location on 10st by the Exhibition Grounds. I remember the dingy little building. I remember the smells and the noise. I remember how genuinely happy the staff and volunteers were when we said we had come to find ourselves a new family member. I remember being let into the holding area, which to my mind seemed like something from The Green Mile. Almost all the dogs went crazy at the sight of us, barking and launching themselves against their pens as we went past. Almost all, except for one. There was this one. A little black fur ball with a white patch on his chest that made him look like he was wearing a tuxedo. He sat there quietly, wagging his tail and looking up at us hopefully. The name tag on the pen said his name was Barney and he was three months old.

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Hello Again! I Am Who I Am!

I dislike formal introductions, they’re always so awkward. When I’m put in that type of situation I always feel like Wile E. Coyote standing at Bugs Bunny’s doorstep after being blown up for the tenth time.” Allow me to introduce myself,” he says,” my name is MUD!” …. Yup…. awkward. Which, to be honest is how I felt about my first introduction as The Prince Albert Voice. Truth be told, I didn’t even write it. A lovely person here at The Shopper wrote it for me. You see, the opportunity to become the person behind the Prince Albert Voice came so suddenly that I did not have time to put something together as an introductory piece for you folks before my very first deadline. By first deadline, I mean VERY FIRST. I’m not a journalist folks. True, I am a photographer that’s gained a fair bit of recognition on an international level and get published and featured regularly, but I’m not a reporter. I believe in integrity, and although I understand the Shopper’s desire to get this project off the ground, those aren’t my words. That’s not me, it not my voice.

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Life is a Spice Trail

I went to India back in the winter of ’99. I got off the plane, grabbed my back pack and walked out of the Calcutta airport in to a wall of people with outstretched hands all wanting something. Granted, at the airport it was mostly cab and rickshaw drivers jockeying for a fare. I was to be there for a few months and I soon discovered what all newcomers to India discover, that wall never ends. Even being a seasoned traveller, coming from Canada, I had no concept of what one billion meant. That country, rich, beautiful, vibrant, disturbing, filthy, crazy, wonderful and more adjectives than I have space for, left an indelible mark on my soul. So, when I first saw the sign for The Spice Trail opening in the old Diggers location, I nearly jumped for joy. One thing this boy has missed the most in moving here from a big city is the lack of good South Asian cuisine. I had to check it out.

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Country Gospel Lives in all of Us

The morning sun slants in through the church windows and glints off the sheen of an acoustic guitar sitting on a stand, beside an old upright piano, eagerly waiting to be played. Inside the New Hope Community Church empty wooden pews face a stage that looks as ready for a concert as it does a sermon. In the Thursday morning light, all is quiet. Come Sunday mornings however, church goers at the New Hope are treated to both.

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2017 State of the City Annual Address

Mayor Greg Dionne addressed members of the business community during the Prince Albert and District Chamber of Commerce annual State of the City Address on Thursday January 26, 2017. Some of the major themes that emerged from the speech include the City’s focus on reducing expensing and identifying new revenue streams so that record investments in infrastructure and community assets can be made in Prince Albert. Excerpts from his speech are below:

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