Prince Albert Tales

Morley Harrison

‘Australia Bound’

I told her. “You can fall in love in Canada too.” 

My youngest daughter was off in Australia. She phoned to say she had met a young man. “Oh, oh, I thought. Australia is so far away.” But do they ever listen to their father. 

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‘A Late Christmas Present’

January 27, 2000 was a late Christmas present for Clement and Sylvie. Husband and wife finally were together for the first time as a married couple, despite the fact they had been married several months before. 

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“I - Warm”

The sweat was trickling down my neck. I was not wearing boots. It was January 27, 2000. It was 35 degrees below. We were still 75 km. from home.

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‘The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round’

My ‘mandate’ is to center on stories about Prince Albert and area; however, recent events surrounding the Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC) open a plethora of personal memories that I cannot resist sharing.

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‘ Milk - mmm delicious’

I remember, as a city born and raised kid, hearing  that when asked, “Where does milk come from?” a city kid answered, “From the milk man.” Well he was not really wrong. He just did not know the ‘Whole Story’

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