Prince Albert Tales

Morley Harrison

“I - Warm”

The sweat was trickling down my neck. I was not wearing boots. It was January 27, 2000. It was 35 degrees below. We were still 75 km. from home.

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‘The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round’

My ‘mandate’ is to center on stories about Prince Albert and area; however, recent events surrounding the Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC) open a plethora of personal memories that I cannot resist sharing.

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‘ Milk - mmm delicious’

I remember, as a city born and raised kid, hearing  that when asked, “Where does milk come from?” a city kid answered, “From the milk man.” Well he was not really wrong. He just did not know the ‘Whole Story’

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‘All Aboard!’

“When I was a boy, I had but one permanent ambition....That was to be a steamboatman. I had transient ambitions of other sorts...These ambitions faded, but the ambition to be a steamboatman always remained.” (Mark Twain)     (He did become one)

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‘A Birthday Connected to History’

February 19th,  following Sunday Service at Wesley United Church, the congregation gathered to celebrate the 100th birthday of Priscilla McCloy. Priscilla is a member of Wesley United and a matriarch of Colleston United Church which lies just a few kilometers east of Prince Albert. I have written about Priscilla and the Colleston Church in a previous column. She is a lady who has lived through a dramatic century of change - from horse drawn buggies to spaceships to the moon. She is a woman, like so many others of her time, who dedicated her life to her God and her country. As we in Canada prepare for the celebrations that will occur as our country recognizes its150th year, it would serve us well to pause and give tribute to the pioneers such as Priscilla that have created what we celebrate. 

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