Through Rose Coloured Glasses

Rose Tournier


“I have to call Lorraine and tell her about this. She’ll think it’s so funny”.”  I don’t know how many times in the past few weeks,  I have found myself thinking those words, then stopping short because I can’t call my sister any more.  I think she is on my mind more now, five months after her death, than in the days following her death. I guess it’s true what I’ve been told: that it takes weeks or months for something like this to “sink in” and for the reality to hit home. 

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This Sunday, it is Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day has changed for me over the past few years. My Mom is not here to celebrate with us, nor is my sister. But as life changes and people leave, new people fill the void, and the circle of life continues. This will be my second Mother’s Day with my grandson. I look forward to spending the day with him and with my children. Memories of my very first Mother’s Day with my baby boy are vivid and sometimes it seems surreal that I am now a grandmother.

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As a woman, I often take for granted the things that I am able to do and the independence that I have. I often forget how women before me had to fight for so many things that now seem trivial and common place, but we were once taboo for women. 

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Now that I have a grandson to spend time with, I find myself often thinking of my own grandmother. I was only ten when she passed away, but I still remember her so well and I treasure the memories of the time we spent together. I hope my grandson looks back on these days in the same way, and will always know that he has his grandmother’s unconditional and total love. 

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Most of us are still reeling from the unexpected cuts in the provincial budget, however the one that I believe the government thoughts would go almost unnoticed is the one that is growing in anger and resentment –the cuts to the library funding. Who knew that for Saskatchewan people, the line in the sand would be our libraries? 

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