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Savage Gear Swimbaits

In the spring and summer one of my main target fish are big northern pike, ok…. Let me rephrase that, I fish for big northern pike all year round, who am I kidding? They are my favourite fish to target! Why you might ask? I just can’t get enough of the size and how similar they are to an alligator. In the spring I target them in fairly shallow water but as the summer goes on I find them deeper than usual. On this particular outing with a good friend of mine named Brad we started off fishing a creek and the mouth of the creek for pike. We walked up and down the creek to start off and Brad caught a very one in about 3 feet of water, this was great as Brad had never came with me before and he was pumped to hook into one. We took some pictures and sent the fish back, after catching a few other smaller pike we decided to focus more on mouth and the lake somewhat, we would cast out towards the lake and crank in towards the reddish bronze coloured water flowing out of the creek, almost every other cast as the swimbait would enter the darker coloured water we’d have a fish on. We decided to take out the Ultraskiff, it’s a one man round fishing boat with an electric trolling motor but we had no other boat so we both went on it. We launched and drove out near the break between the flowing water and still water and fished that line, although a bit tricky to cast off and remain balanced with two people we managed to work the waters hard. My swimbait, a Savage Gear 4D Trout in Rainbow trout pattern was slammed and my drag started screaming, we held on and had a little ride on the skiff. One of the best features about the Ultraskiff is that because it is round you have an advantage at fighting fish from it because unlike a boat when a fish swims under it, your rod doesn’t slam down and you don’t need to bring it back to that side of the boat, it will actually spin the skiff around when a fish runs under it and the advantage to that is you are always fighting the fish head on. After pulling in a 45 inch pike with 2 of us on the skiff, we tried to get a decent photo of it but it was a bit challenging and we sent her back swimming. After catching multiple good sized pike I suggested that we try another spot that might be even better although we were doing good at this spot. We packed up the skiff and loaded it into the back of the truck and went to switch it out for my 12 foot aluminum boat, although small, old and slow  I don’t mind fishing from it. We loaded up and drove to another creek where we launched on the creek and drove down the creek trolling. We didn’t have any luck trolling the creek on our way out but that didn’t detour us from heading to the “good” spot we were after. Once we got to our new spot we decided to try extremely shallow, I’m talking 2-3 feet deep, a couple casts later and we landed one. We shut the motor off and drifted out with the waves and casted Savage Gear swimbaits, Brad used the 4D Pike and I used the 4D Trout. There is not many days that you get on fish so hard that you catch almost every cast, let alone big fish, we were on them!!! We had multiple double headers and this may have been one of the best days Brad and I had ever had. It wasn’t long into it and I hammered a 45.5 inch monster pike that inhaled my line thru trout! This was a big fish! We quickly took some photos of her and returned her to the water. We had fish after fish after fish to the point that our arms were getting sore not only from casting big swimbaits but from catching fish after fish. This was one of those days that you just didn’t want to go in, but of course it started to get late and we decided to head in. To me catching 2 fish over 45 inches in central Saskatchewan is a great day any day!

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