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This is a story about how I became who I am now and my past. Growing up I spent a lot of time going up to Candle Lake, Saskatchewan to my great grandma Sackett’s house, my great grandpa Nemo Sackett had passed away when I was just a baby but that’s where my middle name comes from incase any of you were wondering, suiting right? Also I had the middle name Nemo long before the cartoon fish came along. So back to the lake, our days at the lake were spent at the beach or out on the boat fishing or over at my grandparents pond fishing for trout. There was always a houseful of family and friends at the Sackett’s, times were great! I didn’t only fish at the lake though, coming home to Birch Hills I also spent alot of time at my grandparents, Anne and Frank Marchand’s, grandpa was a fisherman, him and my great grandpa commercial fished Candle Lake. My grandpa Frank loved fishing and many evenings we would go to the local reservoir’s in Birch Hills to fish for rainbow trout, we would catch lots of fish, my uncle even caught an 18lb rainbow out of there which made the news paper back in the day. We would put the trout on a stringer then take them back to grandpa’s where he would take pictures of me with the fish and then throw them in the smoker. I loved smoked trout, it tasted similar to jerky. As I grew up I drifted away from fishing as I got into partying, friends and relationships, you couldn’t get me to go fishing, I remember being asked “are you coming on the boat today?” I would ask back “are you fishing?” And if the answer was “yes” I wouldn’t be going with. As the years went on I slowly got back into fishing here and there and really enjoyed it but I wasn’t what you would call a die hard. I would fish with friends at the creek to catch supper for the family. I would fish on the boat here and there but there wasn’t any drive or motivation to fish. My grandpa was almost like a dad to me, he was my rock, he was always there for me and I could always count on him. I enjoyed spending time with him but as his health declined it was getting harder to get out fishing with him, I would ask him to go fishing and his response most of the time was that he wasn’t feeling well, I respected that but would always ask anyways. There was one particular day that i stopped in Kinistino and asked him to come fishing with me, my spouse and my daughters, once again he said he wasn’t feeling well but me and grandma insisted that he come fishing anyways, you know it might do him good to get out of the house. He agreed and came with finally, during this trip to St. Brieux regional park my spouse took many photos not knowing at the time that this would be the last time I fished with him, we hammered the walleye, you couldn’t keep them off the hook, almost every cast we caught one. It wasn’t long after this day that my grandpa passed away, at the time I was 26, just started a family and just started a new job doing electrical work, I was devastated that I lost my grandpa, I couldn’t focus on anything and decided to go fishing. Fishing held me together, it kept my mind off of what had happened and in a way I felt comforted every time i went so that’s what I did, I went fishing all the time. I would fish at 3am until 6am then I would head to work, I would work an 8-10 hour day then come home and fish some more, on the weekends you guessed it “I would fish!” I would fish all night long. My mind was at ease and one day when I was on my phone I remember looking at photos of other fishermen holding big fish and thinking “I want to be that guy” I was far from it in my mind but eventually over a few years of fishing all the time, I slowly figured out where to fish, what to use, what big fish bite on and what small fish bite on, what time of the day they would bite, what kind of weather they bite in, all the factors. I began to catch more consistently and started to catch bigger fish. Now I don’t know if it’s my grandpa possibly helping me from the other side or if it’s just shear luck but as I look at today, I have 8 different fishing sponsors for rods, reels, tackle, boats, camera’s, clothing, you name it and it helps me out a lot and at the same time I’m able to promote some of the coolest products in the fishing industry. I’ve also had paid trips, been hosted on the radio, flown to Icast in Orlando, Florida where I attend the worlds largest fishing trade show, write news paper articles and able to call some of the biggest names in the fishing industry my friends, who knows maybe some day I will have my own tv show. As for now I plan on continuing my dream, teaching my 3 daughters everything I’ve been taught and taught myself and just enjoying fishing, travelling and living life to the fullest. Life is short and you’re never guaranteed tomorrow, live in the now because someday when you’re retired you might not have the health or time to be able to get out and do the things you wanted to. I have lots of memories of memories and photos that I hold close to my heart and I’m creating this with my own family as well now. 

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