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Fishing For Tigers

Saskatchewan is home to roughly 100,000 lakes so there is a variety of stocked and native fish in almost every area of Saskatchewan. One place I spend a bit of time at is Narrow Hills, Provincial Park, there is a good amount of lakes all within half an hour of each other. When I go up there I usually try and fish for trout as we don’t have much for trout in my vicinity. It’s also a great place to fish if you want to hide from the wind, it’s miles upon miles of bush with a few of the lakes even being walking distance from each other. On this particular weekend I had a friend from Alberta reach out to me about taking him out for big pike. So we lined it up to meet him in Prince Albert where we would grab a few things to bring up to the lake with us. I told him I would be driving a grey Volkswagen Jetta and he told me he was driving a Chevrolet Impala, I arrived at superstore a bit early so my spouse ran in to grab some groceries, a few minutes later she came out and said “I think I seen your friend in there” this was surprising to me as she had never met him before, so I asked how did you know it was him? She laughed and said “he was wearing hip waders” this was funny because I almost knew for sure that this would be the guy. I mean who wears hip waders into Superstore? So I drove up near the door and waited and sure enough my buddy Zac walked out. I figured I would pull over near his car and we could make a game plan so over I went and when I pulled up his entire back seat was filled with tackle and rods. I thought to myself, meeting this guy for the first time, yep! He seems like someone I would hang out with haha. So off to the lake we went. We started out fishing our regular spot that we get nice pike in the spring time but the fish just weren’t there. So after Zac bugging me a bit about putting him on a 40 plus inch fish and no luck I decided we would take the Ultraskiff out and fish off that. For those of you that don’t know what an Ultraskiff is, it’s a one man round fishing platform with seat on it that swivels 360. It’s not exactly made for 2 people but we figured we’d make it work, we launched on the creek and drove onto the lake, Zac off one side fly fishing and me off the other side casting big Savage Gear baits. We spent hours trying to get something of size but it just wasn’t happening, during these hours I explained to Zac that we use to have nice rainbow trout in Birch Hills that I fished with my grandpa back in the day. I told Zac I’m not much of a trout fisherman now but we have world class trout fishing just north of here in the Narrow Hills. Zac was pumped and immediately wanted to go up there instead to try fishing trout. So off we went, we hit up a lake with tiger trout to begin with and Zac gave me some info on what to use, I was a bit skeptical of what he set up for me but I figured why not, not like I catch them often anyways. So we fished and at one point me and Zac were on almost opposite ends of the lake when I took a cast and started reeling in, I was a bit defeated as we weren’t catching much, I reeled in more and slam! I had one on and it felt good! I knew by the fight that this one was a decent size and played him on the drag. When I pulled it into shore I couldn’t believe I had finally caught a decent tiger trout. These fish are cool! The tiger trout is a sterile, intergeneric hybrid of the brown trout and the brook trout. To me they don’t quite look like tiger print and I think they look more like a leopard but regardless they are awesome looking. I yelled at Zac from across the lake and put the tiger in the net and back in the water to keep him safe. A few minutes later Zac and I took some great photos and release the fish. We fished the rest of the day and we’re able to catch a few more in the time we were there then headed back to my place where we spent the night. I still owe Zac his 40 plus inch pike for this one! 

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