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Unexpected Catch

Sometimes the unexpected can happen and many times when it happens unexpectedly you aren’t prepared for it. There have been many times when I have been fishing and we end up catching a personal best fish of a certain species and we aren’t expecting it, lots of the times we don’t have a net, a bump board to measure or in the past not even a camera, thank god for cell phones these days! I did a lot of fishing for rainbow trout growing up but turned into more of a pike fisherman in my later years just because the sheer size of them and that mean look they have to them. Back in the day when me and my grandpa would fish them at the town reservoir we deadlined for them with Velveeta cheese and had lots of success, like any other fish you would have your “on” days and “off” days but most of the time we’d catch. There’s even an old news paper clipping of a time when my uncle, Wayne Marchand caught an 18lb rainbow out of the Birch Hills reservoir, that’s a monster stocked rainbow. So back onto the pike vs rainbow trout fishing, I didn’t care much for trout fishing as I grew up but as I caught more and more big pike I started to look for something different and I would try trout here and there although still not putting a whole lot of time into them it was still trying. I had a job in the past that aloud me to fish during lunch breaks so I would pack a fishing rod that broke into 5 pieces and fit in my lunch kit, along with a few hooks and 2 reels, one spooled with 10lb mono for trout and one spooled with 60lb braided line for pike. Depending where I was on lunch hour I would fish whatever species and lake was available. So one day at lunch time me and coworker decided to go toss a line in. It was at a lake that I spent very little time at but I was told there were rainbows in it so I figured why not… a lunch hour fishing was a good lunch hour. We walked down to the lake and he was on a phone call with his girlfriend when I started casting away. I casted roughly 15 times and was starting to lose any hope of there being any fish in the lake, it didn’t help I was using an oversized rattlebait because that’s all I had at the time but whatever at least I was fishing. It was nearing our time to leave as we didn’t have much time and I casted out once more not expecting anything as I had zero follow ups previously, as my hook was coming towards shore I caught sight of a big rainbow swimming hard towards it and it hammered the Savage Gear Fat Vibe!! After peeling drag like crazy and flying out of the water multiple times I had it by shore and my heart was pounding, I wanted to land this fish badly. I reeled it closer and because I had no net I figured I would try to flop it up onto shore but when I jerked it to flip it onto shore the line snapped! I threw the rod and jumped into the water with my work clothes and boots on and grabbed the rainbow and was able to toss it onto shore, I yelled to my buddy “omg” “omg” “check this thing out” I couldn’t believe it!! I had to get him to take some pictures quickly then I released the fish back into the water and we headed back to work to finish off the day. I later on found out that the lake we were fishing had a full winter kill report and there wasn’t suppose to be any live fish left in it. This will be a fish to remember for me and I will continue to fish any chance that I have, even if it is only a few casts. Most big fish come unexpectedly and that’s what makes them exciting! 

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Wednesday January 12, 2022