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Great First Catch!

Fall is upon us here in central Saskatchewan and time to open water fish is to be over as ice fishing season will come soon. My favourite place to fish in the fall is the river as chances at getting a big walleye become greater. There’s also been a lot of sturgeon activity in the past few weeks with some big ones coming out of the Prince Albert area. This past weekend I really wanted to get out and try somewhere close to home with the family, we thought it would be nice with no bugs and some warmer fall temperatures so I put the idea out there to go one evening and our middle aged daughter was quick to ask if a friend of hers could join us. I didn’t see why not so we invited her and I packed up the vehicle with a few rods and chairs. Our first stop was the Coop tackle store in Prince Albert, it’s an awesome fishing store amd they’re great at getting everything and anything in, including the big Savage Gear hooks I use. Anyways we brought the kids in and let them pick out a drink and treat each for at the river, fueled up the car then proceeded on our way. We had many options being in Prince Albert and with me keeping an eye on photos posted recently I figured some of those spots would be busy, so we went to a spot that I haven’t seen much posted from and when we arrived there was only 2 vehicles which wasn’t too bad. We brought the chairs down set up in an open spot, there was also another family and a group of younger guys down there but it wasn’t too busy. I had overheard them talking about a 42” sturgeon they caught last week when we walked down. I set up a rod for my daughter and one for her friend then I put one out for myself, we sat and waited, it was about 28 degrees out which in my mind is abnormally warm for this time of year. We waited some more with a few small hits but nothing was staying on, likely small fish, it wasn’t long after I seen my rod get a hit so I picked it up and waited, I felt it pull so I set the hook but it didn’t seem like anything was there so I reeled it in and to my surprise there was a fish, it was small, when I grabbed it I noticed it wasn’t a fish I had ever caught before, was a little strange looking almost like a sucker but I knew it wasn’t and it almost looked like a pike minnow from another province but it wasn’t that, ahh I recognized what it was, it was a flathead chub. Not exactly the fish I was after but none the less a fish species you’ve never caught before is always exciting, so I was happy with it. After baiting the hook I casted back out and we waited and got ate by sand flies and waited some more. The sun started to go down so I flew the drone up amd took some pictures of the sky and as the drone was up in the sky my daughters friends rod started bouncing so I quickly put the remote on the chair to go assist her. She grabbed the rod and started reeling, like she knew what she was doing, but was struggling pulling it in so I guided her a bit to keep her rod tip up in the air as she reeled. After getting it to shore we noticed it was a nice walleye, it was awesome! She was so happy and wanted to hold it for a picture but was a bit worried about it, so I assured her I would help her hold it properly so she didn’t get hurt, we took some pictures and back she went swimming away fast. We continued to fish until dark but didn’t catch anything else or see anyone else catch so we packed up and went home. After sending the pictures to the little girls mom, we found out that this was in fact the girls first fish she had ever reeled in alone which was awesome because it was such a nice walleye.


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Wednesday November 17, 2021