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The Fish With Toonie Sized Eyes

I’ve said this time and time again, September and October are the perfect time to fish for giant walleye. There’s many ways to fish for big walleye, you can troll crank baits in lakes and rivers, you can drift with waves or current and bottom bounce for them or if you’re not so fortunate to own a boat, like myself you can deadline them from shore or even fly fish them from shore as well. The time of day that I find is the best is late evening into the dark, they seem to be more of a night biting fish, possibly because their ability to see at night and that would make their eyes sensitive to light during the day. I can’t complain about only being able to shore fish though as it’s pretty effortless and very effective. I’ve also found a lot of nights when it’s chillier that starting a fire not only helps keep you warm and cozy on the shoreline but for whatever reason it seems to make the bite pick up sometimes as well. When we fish the river in the fall it’s usually after work so I’ll usually come home grab a bite to eat and wait for a friend of mine to eat and get his kids ready for bed then he picks me up and we head out for the night. We like to start the evening off with a stop at Tim Horton’s for some coffee then to the local Coop Tackle shop in Prince Albert, we pick up bait then make our way down to the river. Some evenings if we can we set up then sit in the truck to stay warm but other evenings we aren’t able to park close enough because of the spot we are at. We usually do really well with walleye and sturgeon and it’s usually pretty busy with other local fishermen at some of the spots we that we fish. This particular spot we fished was producing really well so we were going almost every night in hopes of hooking into some big sturgeon, we had caught a few like the one in the photo in here but nothing monsterous yet. After spending many evenings out and going to work the next day then working all day then hitting the river after work, again and again, I must have been really worn out and I ended up catching the flu. Now let me tell you this, when I catch the flu or a cold, I still go fishing, there’s not much that will keep me home, this time I’m laid out, puking, can’t even sit up without getting nauseous. So it’s just after supper and I get a text from my friend asking if I’m down to go fishing tonight, as much as I wanted to go, I just couldn’t even move, so I said go without me tonight. I ended up falling asleep early and was out for hours when I heard my phone ring, I grabbed it and looked at the screen, I blinked a few times looking at what looked like a monster fish, then I opened it for a better look. I couldn’t believe what I was looking at!! This was the biggest walleye I have seen from around here. Then I got a picture of the scale, 17lbs!!! Then I got a text message saying he can’t believe this fish and it has eyes so big they are like toonies! I couldn’t believe it, the one night I didn’t make it out and my buddy catches one of the biggest walleye I’ve seen. This was amazing but disappointing to me as well as I wish I could have seen this beast of a fish in person. They took some photos of her and released it to get even bigger. In my opinion I think the next record will come out of one of the Saskatchewan rivers, it’s just a matter of time until someone catches a fish like this one that has grown a bit more over a few years. The moral of this story is I guess you just never know when the fish of a lifetime will come along, you can spend countless nights out and all it takes is that one evening that the stars align. 

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Wednesday November 17, 2021