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Baby Got Back

We are family people and because of that my time is very limited for fishing not because it has to be but because I value time with my family and love spending a majority of my time with my family, now being a dad of 3 girls isn’t always easy to just pack them up and bring them with me especially when a majority of my fishing isn’t done from a boat, it’s from shore. So because I spend a lot of my time shore fishing, I have it down to a T almost where I can fish for about 10 minutes at a spot and know whether or not it’s worth my time to stay there or to go home to my family. There’s one spot that I’ll literally stop at and cast about 10 times, if I don’t get a hit or a follow up at least I’ll leave. That being said I can stop in the morning and cast a few times, if I have no luck I’ll leave for a few hours and try another spot, if I have time later on during the day I’ll come back to the first spot and try it again, sometimes it will pay off and other times it is just as slow but again like the first stop I only cast about 10 times unless I have action or follow ups. So after heading across the lake one day we fished a few other creeks for a couple hours at each creek, there wasn’t a whole lot going on, I ended up fishing a creek mouth while other fishermen on a boat worked the mouth from a boat. When I fish I am very aware of what’s going on in others boats or just with others on the shoreline as well, I listen for cheering if they catch a fish, I listen for fish flopping around in boats, I watch for excitement and people rushing to grab nets. On this particular day there was literally none of that going on. I could see minnows scattering here and there and they would slowly move inward of the creek so I would follow, casting my big baits close to where I’d see jumping bait fish. The creek I was working was pretty swampy and I filled my rubber boots a few times, this isn’t something new, usually every time I fish my boots get full of water somehow amd I’ll end up going home with wet feet. I was walking on bog and fell in over my boots, there was still no fish even though there was something chasing the minnows. It was a hard area to fish because of the swamp land and brush. So we decided to go check out the next creek, upon arrival the water level was down and we could see bottom, this spot is usually filled with baitfish but none were to be seen. It’s a pretty magical spot filled with wild ferns and strawberries, maybe something you’d see in a fairy tale not a pike fishing movie or anything haha. So we packed up once again and my friend wanted to try a different spot for trout, I wasn’t quite keen on that and decided to head back to the spot I was at in the morning, I took one cast and had a huge fish follow up my hook, time was working against me as it was now starting to get dark out, it was all or nothing for me. I had seen the big fish chase my lure in, I knew it was in that area, I casted again and reeled in, nothing. So I casted again up creek a bit and reeled in giving it some solid jerks on the way in, nothing again. It was time to switch things up, he didn’t commit on a pike imitation so I decided to throw on something a bit brighter for the time of day and the murky water. Maybe it was having a hard time seeing the lure? I’m not really sure but casting the pike lure wasn’t working so I didn’t have much to lose or much time to waste. I rigged up one of my all time favourite lures, the Savage Gear Hard Eel, a very effective hard body lure with 2 different soft tail options, a smaller tail for fluttery quick movements and the larger slow moving waving tail. I put on the big floppy slow moving tail and casted out, slam!!! It nailed it within a few reels. I had it on and I could feel it was big. It was at this exact moment when I could see my friend pulling up just as I pulled the monster pike out of the creek, he couldn’t believe it, we had fished here earlier with no luck but now a monster came out to play just before dark. I took some quick photos and measurements and this thing had shoulders on it, what a thick backed fish!! I released it and we watched as it swam away. 

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Wednesday November 17, 2021