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Andy Nemo Winder

Andy Nemo Winder Introduction

On Thursday June 3rd after I finished up work i decided last second to pack the kids up and head down to the north Saskatchewan river with plans to meet up with family friends of ours. I was hoping to bring them to a spot that we could land a sturgeon as they had never seen one caught before but was a little bit skeptical on actually catching because of the high temperates in Saskatchewan at the time, it happened to be plus 34 degrees Celsius out at the time. As planned we met them at the river, I set up deadlines for me and my oldest daughter to target sturgeon as our friends kids casted for walleye and pike. It was a slow bite as I suspected it would be and the black flies and mosquitoes made it almost unbearable but I was determined to catch something at least even if it were a small sturgeon or a different species all together. The kids continued casting and playing in the sand and water while us parents sat and visited. Minutes turned into hours and one of the kids screamed he had one on! Knowing he was catching a crank bait, I figured he had a nice walleye on, his drag peeled a bit as i ran over with the net but it spit the hook before I could reach him. Fishing was not looking to good today and I was feeling a bit down because I didn’t want to disappoint anyone after the fact they always see my fishing pictures from every outing but I still had confidence. We were nearing packing up when all of the sudden my rod slammed down and bounced a few times, I jumped up, grabbed it and waiting for another tug, it pulled again and I set the hook! I took a few reels and that when I seen the fish come flying out of the water! As soon as I seen it breach I knew i had a sturgeon on! It was peeling my drag and headed towards my daughters line so she reeled hers in and I continued to fight what felt like a decent fish, after a good fight I had it near shore where my spouse netted it and everyone was excited to see it. The questions poured in on it from the kids, one of the questions were “what does it feel like to touch it?” I explained that the smaller sturgeon have needle/razor blade like spikes on the top, upper side and lower side to protect it from predators, they are armoured up, but as they get bigger they disappear. The larger sturgeon are easier to handle. I also explained that their skin feels like a cats tongue, it’s very coarse and grippy. I quickly took the hook out of the sturgeons mouth and set it in the water to keep it breathing well while I let everyone feel the fishes skin, they thought it was really neat. I then pulled the fish out of the water so we could get some quick pictures and then safely released it back to where it belongs. Fish need to be handled properly in order for a safe release, don’t lay them in the mud/sand, have them out of the water for minimal time, a great way to think of how long a fish should be out of the water is to take in air and hold your breath, a fish should only be out of the water as long as you can hold your breathe, they need water like we need oxygen, it’s not long. 

Shortly after we landed the sturgeon storm clouds started building up behind us as you can see in the picture and it was safe to say our evening was over and fulfilled. 


I’m on Facebook as Andy Nemo Winder and on Instagram as fishbumpirate if anyone would like to follow me on there and I also run a page on Facebook called Caught and Released Canada. 

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