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What We Can Learn From History

Pastor Dave Webster

One Man Who Was Not Afraid

One Bible story almost everyone knows something about more than any other that  is the story of a young man who was not afraid when his country was being threatened by and evil giant.  I truly believe our world is being threatened today by an evil giant.  War was looming during this time of  and Goliath there was no answers and no one who could stand up to this threat except one insignificant farm boy who came on the scene at just the right time.  The giant was Goliath and the young man who faced him and won the battle for the day was David and really changed history for his country and for their future.  Everyone has heard of the story of David and Goliath but few really know the story.  It is an amazing account in the greatest history book ever written which is the Bible which is the Word of God from one cover to the other.  He gives us these accounts so when we are in a crisis we can know that our God will deliver.  We just need to hope God will bring us a David on the scene and I am confident he will.    

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We Are in a War

Throughout this pandemic I have sensed and suspected we are dealing with something much larger than a health issue. I have spent a good deal of time watching and reading reams of material from health experts during the last few months.  I am a pastor and one of my responsibilities is to protect the flock and provide the direction to people to find salvation and help.  I try to tie the issues of Biblical truth that offers us answers to everything we face in life.  The Bible has principles to follow in areas of morality, marriage, parenting, family, and even being an employer and employee. I call the Bible Gods manual for life and living.  We are in a crisis today I believe mostly because we have divorced ourselves from our Christian roots which is our strong Judeo Christian heritage.  What is going on today is a massive assault on the free world and the pandemic is the excuse for doing so.   The world is quickly being brought under total control of government with mandates and punishment if you do not.  A young man I know who is 18 years old just was informed that he will not be able to take his driver license test unless he is vaccinated. Unbelievable insanity when science proves that an 18 year old is at zero risk of mortality and if he gets Covid he would have a 20 times  greater natural immunity if he actually got Covid  to any future variant.  I think we will someday realize the vaccine program was a hasty mistake and offered short term gain for long term pain. 

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Who Will Put Humpty Dumpty Together Again 

Like many young children, I had a favourite book of nursery rhymes that my mother used to read to me and my six brothers on our cattle ranch in B.C.  I particularly remember Humpty Dumpty, pictured as a big, egg-shaped creature with a painted face and skinny arms and legs, perched happily on a wall.  Then he fell and broke into countless pieces.  As a child I recalled the sad ending of that story every time it was read, that no help could be found for poor Humpty Dumpty. He lay on the floor all broken to pieces and that was how it  ended. Not a happy ending for sure.   I think today we are at a place on our history where our country and our society is like Humpty Dumpty.  Our country is fallen from what it once was and there seems to be nothing to put us back to together again.   There are many lives fallen from where they once were, even many marriages are on the rocks of destruction.    I very seriously doubt that our grandchildren will experience the good times and freedoms of a country that we have enjoyed.  I had a grandfather who fought in WW1 and a father-in-law who fought in WW2 . They did not fight on our soil but fought for our freedom off our soil.  It seems our present generation is selling these courageously fought for freedoms down the drain. The news we hear every day seems more and more hopeless, that we will never return to anything with any semblance of normality again.  There is personal hopelessness and national hopelessness; both are awful experiences.   

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What Can We Learn from Israel and Uttar Pradesh

I have been writing articles lately on truth setting us free.  If we get out of this Covid crisis it will be because of truth finally being adhered too and followed.  I have heard enough nonsense and lies about Ivermectin that it is horse and animal medicine which it is but is also good human medicine.   It seems good people are resorting to using animal medicine when our medical system refuses to issue the approved human tablets for Covid that are available in our pharmacies.   Ivermectin  is proving itself to work in India, Mexico, Peru and other countries but the media and medical authorities are quick to try and suppress Ivermectin as an effective medicine to deter the potency of the Covid virus. I think the love of money is behind most of what is going on.  The vaccine business is making windfalls of profit through this pandemic.  

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The Truth Shall Set You Free

Truth is something we all know is right but the question is: where do we find truth?  The last article I wrote was that truth had fallen in the streets meaning that truth did not do anything or make a difference in that particular society or time.  Truth was not listened to or believed, thus it had fallen in the streets like a discarded gum wrapper.  I want to inform you who the authority on truth is and what the authority of truth is. 

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