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The Morning Star of the Reformation

What Was The Reformation?: 

The Morning Star is the first star and last star you see at the end of a dark night. It is actually the planet Venus.  John Wycliffe is known as the Morning Star of the Reformation.  He was the first bright light after 1000 years of spiritual darkness. Martin Luther and the printing press caused the light of that star to shine all over the entire plague devastated world 150 years later. 

The reformation was identified in history as the time when Martin Luther at the risk of his own life nailed a document to the church door called the ninety-five thesis where he was serving as priest in 1517.  The ninety-five represented ninety-five things that Martin Luther observed and identified as wrong according to the scripture practised in the church that bothered him deeply.   There had been serious abuses in the church at the time using ordinances to extract finances from the poor believing to obtain favour with God.  Martin Luther and others before him were tired of seeing the church get rich at the expense of the poor being exploited in the name of religion.   All through history corruption within the church has been one of  the greatest detriments to church life.  All denominations are subject to and have been affected by corruption to one degree or another.  

Our Lords Words against the Religious Corrupt:  

It is interesting that when our Lord expressed His most powerful words of condemnation was against corrupt religious leaders of his day in Matthew chapter 23. The temple religion started and ordained by God himself had become corrupted and Christ condemned its leaders that caused his own death by crucifixion. What destroyed the light and life of the church in the first millennium of history was also a series of twisted corrupted teachings of scripture, man made traditions and corruption within leadership.   The lust for power and wealth is at the heart of all corruption whether in politics, business or in churches

What Started the Reformation?:

The flames  of reformation had really been ignited by men such as Arnold of Brescia, Peter Waldo, John Whycliffe, John Hus, Peter Chelciky and Girolamo Savanorola  before Martin Luther but these forerunners were themselves all sowing the seeds for the birth of the great reformation that changed the world.  One single factor that made  Martin Luther so well known was mass printing and production of the articles that addressed issues the population was dealing with at the time.  The second great factor and  catalyst in the world was the world had suffered for over 100 years to a recurring pandemic that had caused large segments of populations to be lost.  All the reformers sensed part of the solution was for reform in the church to see God lift the pandemic judgment off of society.  Every reformer simply wanted the church to reform to return to Apostolic teachings of scriptural purity and obedience.  Martin Luther was not the Morning Star but a time when the dark world was filled with new stars shedding light all over Europe

The Morning Star of the Reformation:

The one man often overlooked in most history books known as the Morning Star of the Reformation was John Wycliffe who was a professor at Oxford University.  The other thing that most history books miss is the Morning Star of the Reformation was birthed in the worst pandemic known in the history of the world during the 1300’s.  It was  the Black Plague or known as the Bubonic Plague.  It wiped out a large portion of the worlds population by the time of Martin Luther.  It took  over two hundred years for the population to recover to pre-plague times.  During that time John Wycliffe and his faithful preachers known by many different titles but one name was the Lollard Buriers because they went from village to village and town burying the dead and preaching Biblical hope to a suffering world.  They would also assist in giving families a decent funeral often to contracting of the plague themselves.  

The Lesson from History:    

The lesson I see from history is when the world is visited with a dark crisis it causes people to look for hope and help in more than the here and now.  History teaches previous generations went through much worse pandemics than our Covid 19 and good changes were made because of it. There will come a normal again but  I am hoping it will be a new and better normal than we knew before. It can be but not without reformation in your life and home.     

Martin Luther is known by the famous discovery he made from the scriptures that caused him to publish and print many pamphlets that flooded Germany then all of Europe by translating them into various languages and printing them for distribution.  They all shared the theme “The just shall live by faith”  Rom 1:17. It was a new discovery that everyone can discover faith alone in the scriptures alone.  This truth changed the religious world.  It was the scripture that first changed his life to realize that the “just” are those who God considers righteous or acceptable to God  not  a church, denomination or religious creed  but “FAITH ALONE” that everyone must receive or exercise by a personal discovery in the Word of God alone.  

My hope and prayer is through our Covid 19 pandemic that seems to have scientists baffled thus far will cause our generation to seek truth and faith the reformers discovered five hundred years ago.  Perhaps we will experience another reformation.  The word reformation in Websters dictionary is “the act of reforming; correction or amendment of life, manners, or of anything vicious or corrupt; as the reformation of manners; reformation of the age; reformation of abuses.    

I truly believe our generation needs a Biblical reformation, amending, correcting or vicious or corrupt abuses affecting our society.  We are reaping what we have sowed.  There have been several generations in our country where God and the Bible are despised, shunned and hated by our secular leaders.  We have adopted a new type of religion called secular humanism. We have taught it in our schools and universities and we are beginning to pay the price for purging God and the Bible from our schools, homes and courtrooms.    We have been affected by a socialistic thinking, selfish ideology that is destroying us.  Our only hope is let God back in to our lives and educational institutions and we will experience another reformation that will make our country “great again”.  We have become a society enslaved to addictions of one form or another and it is destroying our families and communities.  We need to wake up and find answers that secular humanism are not able to provide.  Maybe during this time of pandemic isolation and soul searching we will find time to seek truth, seek the scriptures and find the secret John Wycliffe and Martin Luther discovered for us five hundred years ago. “Sola Scriptura” and  “The just shall live by faith” Rom 1:17.  It must start with us, it must start with you and me correcting, amending life manners or anything vicious or that would be corrupt abuses in our life.  You must be awake and you must look if you want to see the Morning Star.  It is in the first and last star  every evening and morning.  Many have never seen it or do not know what it is. 

I believe if you join us from your home by Live Stream we could help you discover Reformation truth you and your family.  Please join us for Live Stream services at each Sunday at 11:00am or 6:00pm

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