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The Handwriting On The Wall

Covid-19 is something invisible that has affected the world.  The history of the world has been affected by serious pandemics over and over throughout human history.  I feel we have almost come to a sense that we are immune to any serious pandemic in our Western world.  We have been shocked to reality that all of our medical advancements, modern science and technology does not make us immune to the invisible things that affect the body, that devastate our way of life, and in such a short time too.  In this article I would like to share with you the historic account of a true story of a message from an invisible hand. 

There is an account in ancient history about a famous man named Daniel in the Babylonian Kingdom who interacted with the king of that kingdom who had observed a handwriting on the wall by an invisible hand.  I will call it the message of the invisible hand. The fingers were visible but the main part of the hand or the person writing it was invisible.” This king saw the writing on the wall and was deeply troubled and shaken: In Daniel 5:5 we read:“In the same hour came forth fingers of a man’s hand, and wrote over against the candlestick upon the plaister of the wall of the king’s palace: and the king saw the part of the hand that wrote.” The king asked Daniel to help him understand what the strange message meant.  The answer was: “Your days are numbered; you have been tried and found wanting; your kingdom will be conquered by another nation.”  In simple terms, you had your chance and you rejected it. You are finished.

I truly believe that the Covid-19 pandemic is what could be the “writing on the wall.” I would call it a four-corner shakeup and wakeup for our world.  It is interesting that the book of Revelation refers to the four corners of the earth in 7:1. In context it means that every corner of the earth will be affected during that future time. What amazes me about Covid-19 is that all of the trouble that is paralyzing the economies of the entire world has been caused by an invisible virus.   It is so small and yet it has brought the entire world to a halt and it will take several years to recover. Revelation is a rather difficult book to interpret but the message in it is clear.  It is a writing from the same author and hand that left the message to the king in Daniel’s time.   

Recently, I talked to someone who lives in the very center of Russia.  He said they are going through the same things we are going through.  The entire country is in isolation, waiting and wondering what is next.   I had communication with someone in Venezuela recently and they are suffering greatly there too.  No one is working and the isolation measures are being enforced by martial law with orders to shoot anyone who is not abiding by quarantine policy.   The masses of population there are starving and helpless under a country that has no medical system left and very little food.  The country was disarmed with gun control years ago and must follow whatever the government dictates.  It is ironic that this country twenty-five years ago was one of the richest countries in Latin America, with the largest oil reserves in the world. Gas is now rationed and very expensive.  I believe Covid-19 is shaking the world to wake up, think and ask some hard question about where we are headed. I think the “writing is on the wall.”    

I do not to confess to be a prophet, but I am a pastor, having been so for many years. I have studied the Bible passionately for over forty years. It is an amazing book that reveals things no other book on earth can compare to.  This book was all written by the same invisible hand that wrote in the time of King of Babylon.   My calling and my responsibility is to warn people, to help prepare people for what is coming. I give much of my time and effort to do that.  It is my desire that these weekly articles will help, also that our Live Stream services will help as we go through these difficult times. I want to assure you that God knew the Covid-19 crisis was coming and has made every provision in His Word, the Bible, to prepare us for the worst things of this life, including death.  He wants all of us to find comfort and hope in his promises.  You can download Bibles now with helpful tools with them.   A good resource is E-Sword Bible download.  It has unlimited resources to help you understand the Bible –and it is free.    

I discovered the difference God can make in my life after I had gone through a very difficult time as a young man.  I listened to Billy Graham on TV in one of his crusades in 1977 during some days off from my flying job in the Arctic.  I turned the TV on and there he was, a preacher!   I had read the Bible some in that past year, with a desire to get some questions answered after a bad airplane accident in 1976 that I was co-pilot on.   I would usually turn preachers off on the TV or radio up to that time in my life but I decided to listen that time.  I watched it one night and they announced that they were doing a crusade and would be on each night of the week. On the second night, I decided to watch it again and something got my attention.  There was a young man on the program sharing his testimony who seemed a lot like me.  He had everything he wanted in life but something was missing.  I can honestly say that at that time in my life I was in a similar state.  I was flying a Douglas DC3 around the Arctic and loved it.  I was 21 years old and had achieved more than I dreamed in my new career in aviation.   After the young man on the program shared his testimony, Billy Graham preached his message and I knew it was for me.  That night I was given an opportunity to make a decision for Christ and the Kingdom of God. On the night of our airplane accident,  I was rescued at the last minute by two men who pulled me from the burning airplane seconds before it would have been too late, as the plane burst into flames.  I remember laying in the Holy Family Hospital the next day pondering the whole horrific event and realizing I could be dead.  However, I was raised on a cattle ranch with a father who insisted on his boys growing up tough. He always told us if we were bucked off a horse to get back on.  Within a few weeks I was flying and working again up in the high arctic.   From time to time I would think of the accident.  However, a year later, I was rescued from the eternal flames when I called out to Jesus Christ for salvation.  The airplane accident was the shake up and wake up I need to get serious.

What happened to me in 1976 with the airplane accident is what I believe is happening in the world with Covid-19.  It was a wake up, shake up time for me to seek the invisible.   Everything was shaken and it did wake me up to ask questions like: Is there a God?  Who is God?  Can a person really know there is God?  What happens when a person dies?   Is there really a heaven? Is there really a hell?  These are all questions about something invisible that we must accept by faith at some point in our lives.   

I want to assure you beyond any doubt that those questions have all been answered for me and they can be answered for you too.   You see, the invisible hand can deliver a good message or a bad one, depending on who you are. When Daniel told the King of Babylon the message of the handwriting on the wall, the king was totally shaken.  He knew it was for him and he knew he was not ready but he waited too long.  Daniel told the king he did not listen to his father, a father who knew the God of the invisible hand.  The king’s father believed Daniel for he knew him as a truthful man who could be trusted.

There is actually a promise of an invisible Kingdom that cannot be moved (read Hebrews 12:29). God invites all of us to get in on this promise before it is too late.

I encourage all who are interested to tune into our Live Stream services each Sunday during this Covid-19 isolation time.  They are available by tuning into our web site  If you would like someone to talk to, all contact information is on the website.

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