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What we can learn from the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918 to 1920

One of the deadliest pandemics in history came upon the world in the last century. It was at the closing year of the First World War in 1918. The War actually is where the pandemic was fostered and spread through camps of soldiers in the last year of the Great War. The first wave of the pandemic was in 1918 and concluded in 1920. The pandemic was known as the Spanish flu but was actually the H1N1 virus. It was called the Spanish flu simply because following the war there were media restrictions around the world that would not allow reporting on the pandemic. Spain was exempt from the media restriction and so the news first came from Spain and thus it was called the Spanish flu.

It is unfortunate that the Spanish flu pandemic killed more people than the total soldiers who died in military action during the entire four years of World War 1. The Spanish flu statistics record at least 50 million people died from the pandemic during the two deadly years. It is also quite certain that the death toll was probably closer to 100 million over the course of the entire pandemic that continued in some countries until 1923.

Religion both helped and perpetuated the pandemic throughout Europe. It was the first pandemic where governments were actually regulating with quarantine measures to hinder the spread of the virus. Many churches in Europe refused to comply and were actually spreading the disease when soldiers returned from the war to their congregations. In the USA restrictions were imposed and newspapers allowed local pastors to post their sermons in the local newspapers each week. By this congregations were able to get the sermons as well as thousands of other people who were not church attendees. Many became believers reading sermons of hope and help during that time of darkness and death. It was similar to how thousands today are listening to churches Live Stream their services into living rooms around the world. Many churches never did this before the Covid-19 Pandemic forced them to do so.

There were two great tragedies at the conclusion of the First World War: One was the limited press coverage, as mentioned, in the beginning days of the Spanish flu pandemic and the other was the Armenian genocide in Turkey. Over 1.5 million Armenian Christians were rounded up and murdered, starting in 1914 and concluding in 1923 at the hands of the Islamic Ottomans. It was one of the most brutal genocides of modern history that few people are aware of. The Armenian people pled for help from the world to intervene but because of the War and the post war issues with the Spanish flu no country intervened. The Ottoman military did to the Armenians what Hitler attempted to do with the Jewish population of Europe in the next World War. The world leaders pretended it was not going on and prevented it from getting press coverage until it was too late. The world was focused on the World War and post war issues while the Muslim Caliphate agenda systematically eliminated the Armenian Christian population in Turkey with no resistance or interference from any other country. Today there are Armenian populations scattered around the world, a result of those who were fortunate enough to escape during this dark time. The U.S.A has one of the largest Armenian populations now because of those who fled as refugees. The Ottoman leaders used the distraction of the first global war, then the Spanish flu pandemic, to eliminate the Christian population –and others—from within their borders. The lesson we can learn from history is the only way to deter Islamic aggression is with military force.

The Spanish flu pandemic came in four waves. The first wave was not that serious. It came through certain population groups and seemed only to cause death to the elderly and to the very young or health compromised people. The second wave of the pandemic swept through populations with a much deadlier consequence. It seemed the virus had mutated into something much more lethal. The second wave affected not just the elderly and the very young but began to attack also the middle aged. The virus brought death within a few days, even to very fit middle age persons. The third and fourth waves were also deadly to populations around the world. Quarantine and distancing policies were put in place but they were too late in most countries to actually deter the deadly spread of the pandemic. It is thought that millions of lives could have been saved in the Spanish flu pandemic had the world been allowed to hear the truth earlier and made policies to impose quarantine and protective measures for them and their families. The freeze on press coverage was one reason that so many deaths resulted from the Spanish flu pandemic. It is said that the first victim in war and crisis is “truth”.

I think with all the protest riots recently causing large crowds to gather around the world, in such Covid 19 hot spots like New York, it is reasonable to assume this could initiate another wave of the pandemic as distancing and protective protocols were not practised.

We are definitely living in challenging times. We are all observing some very disturbing trends on our news feeds today. I believe one of the greatest threats of all is when we cannot hear truth. We should be grateful we still have freedom of the press laws in our country or we would be in much bigger trouble. Let’s pray these laws are maintained for Canada and the free world. This freedom is tested to the limits every day and there is an evil agenda to silence freedom of the press. Our countries will survive these challenging times of pandemics and riots if truth prevails and the populations are allowed to hear truth and vote and make judgments afterwards. I want to warn you, truth is hated by some and they will do anything to hide it. After hearing the truth we can make sound decisions and judgments for our future and our families. There is increased pressure on the media to limit free press, even as they did during the Spanish flu pandemic. If that happens we are doomed to darkness, misery and confusion. Truth brings hope for all and is worth fighting for. The normal Canadian does not mind if the truth hurts but tell me the truth! Yes, freedom means the deceivers and liars can tell their lies but we have been given a brain and anyone seeking truth can sort out truth from fallacy when truth is given alongside of a lie. Truth will prevail. The greatest truth we all have access to is the Bible. It is the greatest source of truth. This truth is all compiled in one book and in one person. His name is Jesus Christ. John 14:6: I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man will come to the father, but by me. A very important truth is summed up in that one verse.

The fact is, until a person discovers Biblical truth about Christ and God, he or she believes a lie of some sort. Christ came to our world so we could have truth. He died and rose again so we could have the truth about eternal life and be saved. I challenge you to make the best investment in your life and purchase a Bible and start reading truth in this mixed up, confusing world. If you want a Bible, we have them at very reasonable prices. We have a Rock of Ages study Bible that is, in my opinion, one of the best study Bibles produced. If you contact us on our web site, call or email, we will get one to you. We also have New Testaments we will send for free if you desire to get started.

I also encourage you to tune into our weekly Live Stream services each Sunday at 11:00am and 6:00pm at We do our best to deliver biblical truth each week that will bring answers to a confused mixed up hurting world.

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