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Where Do We Go From Here?

We are at an interesting time of history in our own pandemic woes. We have witnessed a global pandemic where the entire world has been in shutdown mode. The shutdown and quarantine measures are similar everywhere in the world. Many experts believe the global shutdown has probably caused more damage to our world than the virus itself but, at the time of its appearance, the shutdown seemed necessary. When we look at the large amount of information available to us on the media and news feeds, it appears we are going to face some catastrophic fallout from the massive loans our government is borrowing to keep our country afloat. The problem with loan money is it always has to be paid back. Who is going to pay it back? The answer is – you will! How do you pay back federal loan money? When we look at the large amount of information available to us on the media and news feeds, it appears we are going to face some catastrophic fallout from the massive amounts of money our government is borrowing to keep our country afloat. The problem with federal loan money is that it always has to be paid back. And who is going to pay back this loan money? The answer is – you will! You, your children and your grandchildren will pay it back in some form of taxation. In conclusion, with all these unprecedented scenarios happening around us these days, we need to ask the question: Where do we go from here?

The thing needed to pay back federal loans is an active economy. Taxes are paid out of an economy of millions of people working, manufacturing and producing wealth. If a country does not have that, their economy eventually collapses. I encourage you to Google “Venezuela” and see what happens when a country rich in oil and natural resources descends into economic collapse. Can this happen to Canada? We think that can never happen here, but that is what they thought in Venezuela 30 years ago. Thirty years ago the Venezuela currency was very close to par with the US dollar but today their currency is basically worthless. The country was in prosperity and considered to be the richest country in the Latin America world just a few short years ago. Today it is in economic crisis and is getting worse with each passing day. People are starving. There is virtually no medical care because most medical professionals have fled the country. A wheelbarrow load of money is needed to buy one loaf of bread.

What do people do if there is no economy, no pipelines, and no factories? The answer to this question is not pretty. If we do not wake up in our country and make some big changes in our thinking, attitudes and direction, we will find out the answer and it will be sad indeed. However, I believe that if we have strong fiscal leadership and policies and a rule of law from the top to the bottom, we can get through this crisis and come out someday with something positive for our grandchildren. If we do not, our grandchildren will have a very different Canada to live in than we have lived in. It could resemble Venezuela and everyone will wonder—how did it happen? The answers to these serious questions need to be found as we still linger in this Covid Shutdown time. The shutdown can be a time for everyone of us to pause before God to help us sort out truth from error, right from wrong and determine for us and our family: Where do we go from here? You will not be able to get truth and error sorted out with television, soap operas and the news. You will need to go deeper than the news to get your bearings to go forward. It is going to require some changes and some hard work, serious thinking and digging for truth.

I think too, with economic uncertainty and even concern whether our dollar will maintain any value in years to come, some people reaching retirement are saying, let’s use our retirement money now and enjoy it at the lake. I want to challenge you, there is a better investment than recreation at the lake and it is in the priority of pleasure. In the Apostle Paul’s last letter to a young pastor named Timothy, he informed him about what it would be like in the last days. One verse stands out as he describes the attitude and character of people in the last days before judgment comes upon the world. He said this about the generation of men just prior to the end of this age. They will be: “Traitors, heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God.” I want to focus on “lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God.” This will be one characteristic of the population in the last days of this dispensation that we now live in. There is nothing wrong with having fun and pleasure but when it is your number one priority in life, you need to ask yourself: Does God have any priority in my life? Is God and the Bible a consideration in my priorities? If it is not God then something needs to be adjusted in your life path and priorities. God wants to be first, expects to be first and needs to be first before your pleasure.

Jesus was giving his first and longest recorded sermon to a crowd of several thousand people and instructing them in Kingdom truths that he would implement. One of the conditions for anyone getting into the Kingdom, he said, was that they would individually need to make seeking God first in their lives. “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you” (Matthew 6:33). The things to be added would include pleasure. This verse teaches a very important Kingdom priority and principle when asking ourselves the question, where do we go from here? I believe there is only one real answer to that question that makes sense, that will give us the instruction and direction we need to get out of our Covid crisis, which is likely to linger on for some time yet. The answer will not come from politicians, university professors or other experts alone. The answer will come from God and His Word and the onus is on us to seek for that answer. If you have not done this, be encouraged to read the Bible; in it you will find the answer to that question, where do I go from here? I also think it would help if you join us on Live Stream each Sunday. You can connect on our web site for Live Stream that many are joining now at Do you have that lingering question in your mind, where do I go from here? I found the answer to that question forty-three years ago. I really believe the Bible answer is the only answer that makes sense and gives real hope for all of us.

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