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The Shake Up and Wake Up of a Broken World

In our present pandemic I have a strong inclination that God is shaking our world to the four corners of the earth. The “four corners of the earth” Rev.7:1 is an expression used in Scripture and means every part of the globe is affected by whatever is happening. The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the four corners of the earth.  The whole world has experienced a shaking.  I know there is lots of chatter today that this virus was born in a lab in Wuhan, China, and perhaps was an experiment that went bad.  I have heard that it was a virus that came from the wild animals that are kept captive in Wuhan.  I really doubt that either scenario can be proven nor does it matter.  The Coronavirus is what it was originally called but was changed to Covid-19 after some time and has taken on a few other names since. I learned the reason that they changed it from the Corona virus to Covid-19 is because Corona viruses are good and necessary for all of us to maintain a healthy life but Covid 19 is not a good one.  Our creator has so designed it that there are thousands of these different Corona viruses in the animal kingdom to maintain healthy life.  What happens occasionally is that one of the viruses in animals actually mutates or changes slightly from what it was designed to do in a healthy animal or human body and starts doing the opposite and does bad things in the body. It becomes a bad virus attacking the body organs or doing things that are unexplainable.  Such was the case with the virus in 541-549 AD known as the Justinian Plague that killed millions of people also with the Bubonic plague in the 1340’s AD that killed millions of people and animals and the Spanish Flu of 1918 was similar and identified as the H1N1 virus. 

In each plague it was learned that a good virus had mutated into a bad virus and devastated the human with the loss of millions of lives.  Each pandemic caused devastating effects on the economies of the world.  However, none of the historic pandemics have had such a global affect as the Covid-19 virus has had in such a short time .  In my opinion I believe God has allowed the world to experience a global shake-up from something invisible so we will consider Him who is invisible.  

I have studied these historic pandemics all the way back to 540 AD and it seems to me that every one of these pandemics has brought the world to its knees eventually.  It doesn’t seem we are on our knees yet but we should be.  Some countries are experiencing rioting and protesting, which is insanity when trying to control a pandemic.  There is nothing that will cause a virus to spread faster than when large crowds assemble and are shouting and spreading virus from one person to another.  I am sure there will be a large spike in the Covid-19 patients in weeks to come and they will all want to stay in hospitals looked after by nurses and doctors with services provided by tax paid dollars from businesses that are now in shambles in many of the major cities.  Governments are making a big mistake to allow this nonsense to continue.  There are some very evil and subtle forces behind all these BLM and Antifa movements.  Believe me, there will be no good come out of these protests and riots; there is a risk that a very dark time will descend upon our free and prospering countries because of them if politicians do not stand up and do the right thing soon.  

When I take time to ponder all the events of this very strange year, I try to evaluate it all through the lenses of a Biblical world view. This is looking at events in the world and in history through the lenses of scriptural truth.    It really made a difference when I discovered how to see things from a God perspective and not just a self or world-perspective.  In the past I did not see things from a Biblical world view. I had opinions on politics and history that really did not have much substance.  In 1977 I had my eyes opened.  I was really awakened to another way of looking at everything.  I saw myself differently, the world differently and politics differently.  It took a shakeup for me to start considering other options to what I had followed until then.  

My personal shake-up happened when I was co-pilot on a Beechcraft King Air coming into the Prince Albert airport August 28, 1976.  Something went wrong on the approach at 1:30 am on that foggy morning arrival from Yellowknife N.W.T.  My job as the co- pilot was to call off approach plate numbers to the captain flying the airplane. I had called down to the minimum altitude we were allowed then look out the co-pilot window to see if I could see the runway environment.  What I saw that morning I will never forget; it is forever burned onto my mind.  The runway lights that were supposed to be below the airplane were actually level with the airplane window.  I hollered out TOO LOW and that was the last thing I remember.  The airplane crashed in a field just east of the airport doing 165 mph in fog so thick visibility was less than ½ mile. The airplane was equipped with all the instruments to do an approach like that but something went wrong.  It was never discovered what that was for sure because when the airplane impacted the ground it burst into flames.  Both wings and engines were on fire with hundreds of litres of Jet B in each wing and me in the cockpit unconscious. Everyone survived the crash but I was the closest one to not making it out alive.  There were moments when those already outside the airplane wondered if I would get out?  Thankfully two men went back into the burning airplane and pulled me to safety seconds before it was totally engulfed in flames. The next thing I remember I was walking around in a fiery, foggy field with a man who had blood all over himself.  I did not recognize who it was.  At the time I did not remember flying or being in an airplane. When the man came close to me, I asked him, “Where am I?” He pointed to the burning airplane which was behind us and said, “We crashed.”  For a moment I thought I must be in hell….burning, foggy dismal place with a man all covered with blood walking through the fiery flickering darkness. 

It was on that night that I received my shake up; it caused me to wake up and start to seek for  some answers to things that really matter in life. It was not long and I was flying again but I started searching for answers about life and death.  I wanted to know if there is a God.  My common sense way of looking at things compelled me to seek for answers in the Bible.  One year after the airplane crash, I was saved and awakened to what Biblical truth is all about. I call the basics of Biblical truth the ABC’s of the gospel.  First A is admit you are a sinner. You discover in the Bible all have sinned and fallen short of what God wanted us to be.  Second B is Believe on Jesus Christ as your Saviour.  You must come to the place where you accept and Believe in Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour.  You learn in the Bible that God sent his Son to die for our sins so that we do not perish in a place called hell.  C.  We must Confess Christ as our personal Saviour.  I learned and followed the ABC of salvation in 1977 when I accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour and ever since my life has been on a different course. For me it took a shake up before a wake up and then a look up. Could it be that God is doing that with our world right now. I think it very possibly could be.  I believe strongly that this Covid-19 crisis, followed by the riots and protests, is giving our free world countries a shake-up.  My hope is that it will cause people to wake up to spiritual truths that we as Canadians are ignoring and avoiding then start looking up not down for answers.  

I challenge all of you to tune into our Live Stream services on Sunday at 11:00 am and 6:00 pm.  Connect at  If you want a Bible, we will send you a free one.  If you want a good study Bible, we will help you get one.  Don’t miss the opportunity God is giving all of us to wake up and look up.  One day it will be too late.  

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Wednesday November 17, 2021