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The Bad Invisible versus the Good Invisible

It is so ironic that the world has been devastated by an invisible virus that no one can visibly see or even really know what this invisible enemy of death is actually doing or going to do.  But in this Covid-19 pandemic and every other pandemic of history there is and has been another invisible force at work. It is what we can call for this article the invisible good.  After studying and seeing the consequences of pandemics through history, it seems to me that the invisible good prevailed over the invisible bad viruses that caused so much devastation and death. 

The invisible good that brought hope, help and salvation to multitudes was the good that we need so desperately today.  I am convinced after listening to many hours of news feeds through the Covid-19 pandemic that the World Health Organization (WHO) does not really know what is going on with what is happening now or what is coming.  Their opinion seems to change from week to week on Covid-19 issues.  

It seems there is a common consensus that we are going to witness another spike in the Covid-19 pandemic that could cause major shutdowns again.  What I have learned from studying and writing these pandemic articles over the last several weeks is, like the Spanish Flu of 1918, pandemics come in waves. The Spanish Flu was a virus very similar to Covid-19 in many respects.  The first wave of the 1918 pandemic was really not that bad. It caused deaths to the vulnerable and elderly but the three following waves brought much more serious consequences to the populations affected.  Over the space of two years the pandemic caused over 50 million deaths around the world.  I am hoping we are not in for the same consequence with Covid-19 but it could happen.  Scientists around the world are racing to find a vaccine to mitigate the virus. The way I have it figured is that all of our social distancing and isolation measures are buying us time until a vaccine is found.  If a vaccine is not discovered, we will be dealing with Covid-19 for a long time to come.  It will keep working its way through populations until there is herd immunity by human nature’s built-in method of restraining the invisible bad from our bodies. The good news is that once we are infected with Covid-19 we are immune from this terrible invisible bad enemy. 

I want to direct us now to the invisible good we all can have access to during these days of pandemic uncertainty.  From the beginning of human history there has always been the two forces of evil and good in the world – the battle of the ages. Both of these forces are really not visible to the naked eye but, just like seeing the results of the invisible virus, we can see the results of good and evil around us. If we could only see the virus like we see a spider crawling across the kitchen counter, maybe we could intercept it and stop it somehow.  The problem is, we cannot see it but we see the its devastating effects.  

I have a friend in Liberia, Africa, who is approximately fifty years old, a nurse practitioner in a private Christian clinic.  He contracted Covid-19 and almost died.  He struggled for several days with ventilator assistance to breathe and thankfully, just now, is pulling out of it and has been transferred to another hospital to continue recovery.  A security guard working at the same clinic also contracted the virus but did not make it and died. For me these cases sent a message that Covid-19 is really serious.  We need to be very diligent to keep all the distancing protocols and, hopefully, medical and science teams working on the vaccine will find the cure soon.  We are buying time with all the measures to keep us safe until the good news comes over the media sources that a vaccine has been discovered and approved by all the authorities.  Let’s hope and pray that happens soon.  

I want to direct your attention to the greatest invisible good we can access during our battle with the invisible bad virus. It is not a vaccine but a spiritual solution.  One night a religious man came to the Lord Jesus and asked him a question.  He was very curious and asked him a question that basically said: We know you are a very effective teacher; we also know you do miracles but how?  The answer Jesus gave is that all he accomplished was from an invisible source – God. He used an illustration to demonstrate the truth.  He said to understand this invisible source of power and good that you see in me, you must be born again.  The religious man was baffled by this answer and said, “What are you talking about? How can a man be born twice?”  Jesus further explained that a man must be born again from an invisible source. This spiritual birth is real, as real as when a person is born physically. He said that, until this happens, you will not understand anything about me.   Jesus pointed out to this religious man that the effects of the new birth is like the wind blowing. You see the effects of the wind but you never see the wind itself.  It is the same with the new birth –it is invisible but, in a person truly born again, the effects of this new birth are as real as the first birth we experienced from our mother’s womb. The new birth is the best cure for the invisible curse of our Covid-19 pandemic.  It is the invisible good to best mitigate the effects of the invisible bad affecting the populations of the world. You can source all this in the Gospel of John 3:1-21.

To experience this new life a person must believe the gospel message.  Jesus told this religious man the gospel in one powerful statement (John 3:16): “God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whosoever believes in him will not perish but have everlasting life.”  Jesus explained that the human race is condemned to death, without salvation, doomed with no eternal hope. He pointed out that soon he would be dying on a cross and those believing with all their hearts in him and his sacrifice on that cross for their sins would not perish but have eternal life.  He told this man that the cure for mankind’s biggest problem is the power of the invisible good of God and the life-giving power of His Spirit.  This is true for all of us today as we face the uncertainty of the future.  I want to assure you I have discovered the power of this new invisible power of God and good.  You can too through faith in the gospel message described above. When you do you are ready for any invisible evil that can come.  

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