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Where In The World Are We Headed?

Our world is in seeming turmoil with Covid-19 uncertainty, the craziness of riots that started in the U.S.A. and the world with vandalism and devastation in so many cities.  With no consequences for their actions, many other groups around the world copied this and seized the opportunity to do the same.  It is very sad to see our great countries of freedom and democracy crumbling from within.  We are all asking ourselves the question, Where in the world are we headed?  I get the strong sense that even the daily news anchors are bewildered at the direction our countries are headed. For sure it is not news as usual.  We can all try to console ourselves with reason and the fact that the world has had pandemics before and riots before.  But there is something very different about this time.  It is not isolated to one country. It is global phenomenon.  I believe we are starting to really witness the consequences of globalization.   Globalization has been in motion since the First World War and gaining momentum ever since.   The second World War pushed it forward another notch or two, then jet travel making any place in the world reachable in one day.  Then, a strong catalyst for making the world a global community has been the Internet.  

There have been many strong globalization leaders since World War 1.  Most presidents and prime ministers of the world during the last hundred years have been globalists to one degree or another.   World leaders are seeing globalization of leadership, bringing the world under one umbrella of policy and direction, as the way to solve the challenges of the world.  While I am writing this, Bill Gates, an avowed globalist, has retired from Microsoft and is now working on a program called ID2020.  This will be a system to track everyone anywhere in the world.  It seems the U.N. is going to be the umbrella for this global leadership and policy to reshape the world’s way of doing business.  Donald Trump has been the first president in many years to actually resist the globalization agenda.  It is one reason, among many, why he is so hated.  

The global agenda would seem like a reasonable direction for our world to go considering we have jet travel to circle the globe in a day and the Internet to keep us all connected.  However, when we consider the best source of authority on the future, which is the Bible, we discover it is not going to be a good thing but actually is going to culminate in evil and disaster. 

The Bible, containing 66 books, was written by 40 writers over some 1600 years.  There is only one author, God, who, inspired the writers to write their book(s). The Bible reveals God to those who are seeking Him but it also seals the doom to those who reject it as truth from God.  The Bible reveals that mankind’s biggest root problem is sin and the solution for the problem which is salvation as a gift of God in the person of Jesus Christ.   When we first try to read the Bible, we often see it as a jigsaw puzzle of authors and books that seems confusing, but with careful reading and study and comparing it with other scriptures, it reveals truth that has changed the attitudes and opinions of millions of people through the ages.   It has changed brilliant agnostics, sceptics and atheists into fervent believers and advocates of Christianity when they actually tried to use the scriptures to justify or prove their agnostic or atheistic beliefs.  They discovered truth in the Bible that changed their beliefs and their life direction.

One such doubter, Lee Strobel, a legal journalist from Chicago, determined to prove the Bible was wrong.  He began to use his legal training to tear apart the evidence of the Bible and present it as false.  During this process of evidence and arguments, he discovered that the Bible actually destroyed his basis of argument.  In the end, he discovered that the book he was trying to destroy as false was actually true.  He found that the Bible as a whole is true, the characters in it are true, its history is true and, most importantly, Christ is true and his claim as Messiah is true.  After a considerable time, Strobel came to the conclusion that he had lost his case against the Bible. Then he had to decide if he was going to accept it as the authority in his life. The good news is that he did.  He has since written several books: The Case for Faith; The Case for Christ; The Case for Jesus; The Case for a Creator and other books.  He presents every one of these books from a series of legal arguments, proving the Bible right and true from beginning to end.  I challenge you to get and read one of Lee Strobel’s books.  They can all be ordered through the Internet.  

You see, our generation, while thinking we are getting smarter with technology, science and academia, is actually getting dumber by the decade. One thing the Bible does is provide a moral compass for mankind.  Wherever the Bible has been studied and used in classrooms and universities, the people of that culture have been affected for good.  Wherever the Bible has had an impact, the outcome has been changes for the good of that country and its population, like Canada used to be. 

The Bible tells where we are headed when we ask the question, Where in the world are we headed?  The Bible teaches that we are headed for a world dictatorship made up of ten major nations.  It teaches that it will be headed by one very powerful individual that all the world will accept with hook, line, and sinker.  The world will head into a period of seven years known as the Tribulation.  It will be a terrible time on the earth.  The book of Revelation gives detail to this time but the short overview is it will be actual hell on earth. Two thirds of the population of Israel will die and then two thirds of the population of total earth will die.  It will end when Christ comes back as King of Kings to declare war on the evil.  There will be a judgment period, then one thousand years of perfect government and peace on earth. 

The bigger and more important question is not where the world is headed but, where are you headed?  You can know where you are going to be in the coming days of trouble if you get serious about finding answers from the Bible now before it is too late. I challenge you to get a Bible.  I challenge you do make a move now and source some good churches and listen to some excellent Live Streaming.  Do something soon about finding spiritual answers for you and your family.  The answers are not that hard to find but you will not get them if you do not seek.  The prophet Jeremiah put it this way: And you shall seek me, and find me, when you shall search for me with all your heart (Jeremiah 29:13).

I got serious about seeking and searching for Bible truth in 1976 and found the answers in 1977.  You can too!  If you want a Bible we will send one to you for free.  Please contact us at 306-961-9866.  Text or call.  Please join us for Live Stream church services at Sundays at 11:00 am and 6:00 pm.  We would like to help you know where the world is headed and where you are headed.  You can know for sure. 

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Wednesday September 22, 2021