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My Tent Meeting Visit in Hepburn

Canada and the United States have been a place of refuge and opportunity for millions of people over the last 200 years. Thousands upon thousands of people from troubled economies and people under threat of war or oppression have had one little flicker of hope in their hearts that maybe they can get to the freedom and opportunity offered in Canada or the USA.  This article will be to share the story of one such family who found freedom and opportunity in Canada in 1918.  I fear this wonderful place of refuge and opportunity may soon be gone if our country does not wake up soon. We sit and watch the insanity of gangs burning and looting cities with little deterrent from authorities.  We can try to console ourselves that this is happening mostly in the USA but I can assure you it will quickly dribble across in full force to Canada.  What happens in the USA will greatly affect us in Canada in short order.  I want to share a little visit I had last week with an 83 year old man in Hepburn, Saskatchewan.  While I listened to this elderly man share his family history I could not help but think to myself that we maybe closer than we think to the same thing here in our countries of freedom and opportunity 100 years later.   

It started when we were invited to bring our tent to Hepburn, Saskatchewan this year to do gospel tent meetings.  We had originally planned to do them in June but due to Covid restrictions were not able but the small church there asked after the Covid restrictions were relaxed a little if we could still give it a try.  I want to commend the Berean Valley Fellowship for their determination and zeal to get the gospel out to their community using a gospel tent outreach.  I agreed to do a tent meeting in August and we had a great tent meeting in Hepburn with Covid maximum crowds each night.   If you want to see what a tent ministry is like you can see videos on the web site    

During our time there one morning we went to the little restaurant in Hepburn for breakfast with my new 83 year old friend.  He was one of those rare men who is 83 but seems like 63.  He rode to the restaurant on his bicycle.  I will never forget the conversation we had while in the restaurant which I will try to convey the important aspects because I feel what is happening in our country at the moment could be the first steps to prelude what happened in Russia then if there is not some intervention soon.  I fear we are going to progress to a very similar Russia 1918 scenario if we keep going along with riots, looting and shootings.   

The old man told about when his family emigrated as refugees from Russia to Canada in 1918.  He said his family was one of the fortunate families to get out alive.  Most died from where they were from.  This was known as the Lenin- Stalin nightmare in Russia or the time of Red Terror.  The time of Red Terror was when it is estimated that over 1 million people were exterminated, assassinated and caused to flee the Russia between 1918 and 1935.  Red Terror was carried out by organized group of thugs with riots, chaos, looting with the support of the government and also without any intervention from the government to stop it. The old man told me when it all started our family was a rich very successful farming family that also was involved in other industries besides farming. He said most of the communities in the farm production part of Russia were Lutheran or Mennonite.   He said these thugs would come into the community and brutalize each community.  The riots would get progressively more brutal and ruthless and the government did nothing to deter them.  The fact was the government was actually supporting the violence.  They government also got control of the media sources and eliminated each source of news that did not fully support the Lenin socialistic political agenda.  They got total control of all news paper sources and they only published what was Lenin-Stalin acceptable.  

I shared a little about the Russia story one night at the Tent meeting and another man came to me after the meeting and said my great Grandmother was raped in Russia during that time but she was already pregnant with my Grandfather.  He said these thugs would come into town in riot fashion calling themselves the Red Army.  They would tie up the men to farm machinery in the farm yard then rape the wives and daughters and the men could do nothing except listen to the screams.  They would steal all the food, burn the barns kill all the farm animals and leave to the next town.  

The old man told me that the Lenin-Stalin program then decided to change the currency of the country so that people with wealth would have to turn their wealth in under the new fiscal policies of the government.    What this policy did caused people to loose their wealth overnight.  They were then forced to leave their farmlands under a program of government relocation where they relocated farm families into deeper Siberia.  He said as far as he knows almost all the families died of starvation and freezing to death the first winter.  The government promised to provide agriculture support and animals in the near future after they were relocated off but the animals never showed up.  It was all a carefully executed plan to relocate and illuminate anyone who they identified in their political agenda to do so.  

When I heard this old man share his story and in light of what is going on in America and Canada under the banner of Black Lives Matter I think are we just seeing the beginning of something that is about to get much worse.  Black Lives Matter is the banner to promote an agenda.   There is no doubt in my mind there are powerful sources behind this movement and is just history repeating itself.  One important lesson from history is we don’t learn from the mistakes of history. We are too busy going to sport events or to the lake to basking in leisure while the powers of darkness are not resting to take our freedom and what we have enjoyed for a few short generations. They will continue to silence any voices that are on the right side of the political agenda.  While a big portion of our tax dollars have funded our schools and universities they too are actively propagating a pro Marxist political socialistic agenda what will eventually destroy us if we do not wake up and stand up against this insanity while we still have a democracy that can do so.  Once Canada and the U.S.A are gone there is no where else to run.  There is not another country to go for a refuge or place of freedom and opportunity like we have.  We better get our schools teaching why we are the great country we are and how we are what we are so our children will grow up singing O’ Canada with a pride in their hearts about who we are instead of wondering what gender they are?.  We are all going to have to make some very hard choices in this generation.  Without God as first in our Lives we are doomed. We are in this mess because our generation has left the old time belief of loving God first in our lives then loving others.   Will you be one who will make some new priorities in your life to change Canada?  Once you are in a concentration camp it is too late.    

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