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Two Jewish Heroes

The USA is a country with history riddled with conflict going right back to its beginnings.  The politics and history of the USA intrigues me greatly.  They have patriotism in that country that I envy and wish we had more of it in our country.  One big reason for their fervent patriotism is because the history of the USA is more aggressively taught in the schools of America.  The nation’s beginning was forged in the fire of war and conflict known as the revolutionary war from 1765 to 1783.  It was an 18 year long war against the British Empire the most powerful military at the time.  They prevailed, but at a great price, and a nation called the United States of America was born out of the fires of war.  They grew to be the most powerful nation on earth even surpassing Great Britain in glory and military might in a few short years.  Canadians have all benefited by being next door to the most powerful nation on earth.  Their peace and prosperity have really flowed over to us.  We shared in their Judeo Christian values, history and heritage.  Canada was fighting its wars during those early years of the two nations being born.  Whether we like to acknowledge it or not, to a great extent as goes the USA so goes Canada for better or for worse.  Understanding the history and beginnings of a country are important to a country’s survival into future generations. I believe our schools and the left winged media have destroyed the faith and loyalty to our country by not teaching a correct historic perspective in the last 50 years of more.  Our schools in Canada and in the USA have subtly removed important figures from our history books or taught false narratives about them that have destroyed the faith and contribution our founding fathers did to make our western freedom and democracies.   Destroy its history, and you destroy the foundation of a nation and there is a dark force trying to do that in both Canada and the USA today. When you destroy statues and anything that represents the foundation of a nation is the first steps to replacing it with something else. Learn from the example of Turkey or Venezuela as an example.  

There is one statue still standing in Chicago that I want to reference before it is gone with the riots and protests that are determined to remove all the ancient landmarks.  The sad fact is few people, even in the USA, would know who two of the three men are standing with George Washington in the statue.  Robert Morris is on the left and Haym Solomon on the right.  I truly believe without Haym Salomon the US patriots would have lost the revolutionary war.  I truly believe if the US patriots would not have won the conflict against the British; the USA would be a divided country today similar to Europe with Spanish, French, and English regions.  Canada would probably too be fractioned similarly.  It is very probable without the USA in the Second World War that the Nazi war machine would have prevailed under Hitler and swastika flags would be flying over Europe, USA, and Canada today.  For one hundred and fifty years the USA has been the police dog of world conflicts, and the world has enjoyed a level of peace it never would have without their intervention and subduing the advance of evil.  The last example has been ISIS and their Islamic Jihad in the Middle East.  ISIS was on a rampage of murder against Christians and other minorities in the Middle East until the USA intervened and within months ISIS was neutralized.  Without the USA as a powerful intervening nation in our present world, we are all quickly in big trouble in a very short time. I am amazed that so few in the world recognize this.    

Haym Solomon was a Jewish businessman during the revolutionary war that aided the patriots to victory that often hung in the balances.   He was a brilliant man who knew fluently several languages.  He had immigrated to the new country from Poland. Mr. Solomon was in the business of financing and brokering and very successful with a trusted reputation around the world for being a man of integrity.  He had a very good relationship with the French and Spanish. Being fluent in French, he was able to broker deals with the French government to secure the aid of the French military.  He also handled all the finances for the French military as they aided the patriot war cause.  During the revolutionary war there were about 2000 Jewish businesses in the new America.  The Jews were a powerful group of businessmen and were involved in all types of businesses as Jewish businessmen usually are.  They were very involved in the shipping business, providing services to and from the new world.  When the war broke out Haym Solomon was quickly indentified by the British and imprisoned.  He was tried and was waiting execution when he managed to escape the New York prison and fled to Philadelphia. While in the New York prison he contracted tuberculosis.   He was a wealthy man when the war started, but left for Philadelphia a penniless fugitive.  He made it to Philadelphia and quickly resumed his brokerage business.  He renewed ties around the world, and his wealth began to rebound.  However, George Washington and Robert Morris, treasurer for the continental congress war effort were continually coming to him for assistance and financial aid. There was no tax system in place to raise money for the war effort like there is today.  It was all financed by private and borrowing sources.  Haym Solomon gave all his wealth and raised millions more from businesses and foreign loans for this cause.  Finally, after 18 years, the USA prevailed in victory over the British Empire. Without him pulling strings for financing the war effort against the British, the war would almost certainly have been lost and the United States would have never been united.  

Haym Solomon believed that America had the potential to be the Promised Land for the Jews until a day would come when Jerusalem would rise from the dust. At that time Jews from all over the world would return to their ancient homeland to build their glorious temple anew.  Haym Solomon died at 45 years of age of tuberculosis. He left a widow and children with not a penny to his name.  He had given and loaned hundreds of thousands to the war effort with hopes that someday it would be repaid, but he actually gave it all for a greater cause.  He gave everything he had for the cause.  Little did he know that this new country would grow to be the greatest ally and friend Israel has ever had.  In 1948 the Jewish dream began to be a reality when for the first time in 2000 years Israel became a nation.  It was all part of God’s long plan that unfolds slowly from decade to decade. Yesterday I watched on the news as a large aircraft was deplaning Jews immigrating to Israel from the USA saying they feel it is safer now in Israel than it is in the USA.    

I want to tell you about the second forgotten Jewish hero. This one a Jewish man who gave everything he had and his life for an even greater cause than Haym Solomon. He was also wealthy but did not have a house or place to call his own when he died.  He was executed at the age of 33 with a sign over his cross of execution that stated in three languages King of the Jews.  He, like Haym Solomon, too prevailed in his cause to obtain salvation for millions of people. People who would believe on him and trust him from all over the world in years to come.   He will be the Messiah of all the Jewish people and will be known as King of Kings and Lords of Lords for the rest of the world. He is known to millions who have trusted him as Saviour.  Is he yours?  This verse describes his cause: 2 Corinthians 8:9 For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that, though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, that you through his poverty might be rich.  Every soul has the opportunity to trust Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour in this life only. John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotton Son that who ever believes on him will not perish but have eternal life. Will you trust him and experience a new life when he gives you the gift of eternal life.  

If we are ever allowed to cross the border again, and you are able to visit Chicago and see the large statue of George Washington, Robert Morris, and Haym Solomon on the downtown traffic circle, you will know more than most Americans today about how Haym Solomon prevailed and won the war in his cause by giving all.  You and I may be required to give all yet in our time while the very moral and political foundations of our countries are being destroyed. 

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