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Revival for Survival Part 2

Revival is a term that is confused with so much religious misunderstanding today.  Few Christians know what a revival is, and I only know because of the study of history and the indisputable affects that Christian revivals have had on the history of the world.  It is a sad fact that this important aspect of history has been omitted from our history books in our schools or if it is they notate it with scorn and foolishness. It is a sad fact that our schools have been most opposed to teaching anything about our Christian heritage.  It grieves me deeply that our schools while funded by tax dollars in the billions per year have been the biggest cause of our Christian heritage being robbed from this generation. It was not that long ago that our Christian heritage and history was taught in our schools and prayer was part of everyday routine.  Unfortunately there has been an aggressive agenda to remove anything referencing God or the Bible from our education system and we are now beginning to reap the consequences of doing so.  The moral decadence and social problems like addictions, divorce,  abortion and large increase in suicides among youth and others of our populations are just of a few of the symptoms of a culture falling into chaos and confusion.  There is a war of ideologies being raged in Canada and the USA with a remnant of people realizing we are loosing something precious.   The truth is we are reaping what we have sown.  It is a biblical principle. Gal 6:7  Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.  What will it take to get it back?  Will it take war?  Will it take economic depression?  Is it possible to get back what has slipped away?  Do we just bury our head in the sand like an ostrich and hope someday we will pull our head out of the sand and everything will be better?   There is only one thing that will change things for good in my opinion.  The Bible gives me great hope that things can get better in our dark times of Covid and confusion.    

Revival and pandemics have changed history more than any other factors in history.  Pandemics have affected the world all through history and some much more than the current pandemic we are experiencing which is global and significant for sure.  To date after one year there have been approximately 12 million people that have contracted the virus and approximately 1 million who have died. The present stats reveal approximately 1/12th of all who contract the virus will die.  These statistics are mild in contrast to pandemics of past history where literally millions of people died each year.  One in the last century, the Spanish Flu of 1918.  Over 50 million people died in two years globally.  I could refer to many other pandemics through history like the  Bubonic plague in 1300’s that decimated the population of Europe by 1/3rd. Entire villages and towns totally wiped out by the plague.  However, I want to refer to something else that spreads, I very good and brings new life to churches, families and communities. It is called revival. It is when God responds to the cry of God’s people and there is an invasion and saturation of God upon the communities leaving happiness, joy and love flowing like flood waters in early spring.  

Do you realize that in the year 1920 it was legislated on both sides of the border to make sale of the liquor illegal. Saskatchewan actually was one of the earliest provinces of the country to maintain this law and kept it the longest from 1915 to 1925.  The USA maintained a nation wide ban on sale of alcoholic beverages from 1920 to 1933.  Regardless of what your opinion is on prohibition, the point is what caused it.  If you do a Wikipedia search it will say it was a caused mainly by religious groups after the First World War.  Think of the fact that alcohol was banned from both countries.  What caused such a powerful movement to actually cause the sale of alcohol to cease from public vendors for 13 years in the USA and about 10 years nationally  in Canada? It was a spiritual revival.  God was moving in both countries and great things that everyone would say was impossible were accomplished.  The facts are that prohibition caused jail populations to decrease, students stayed in school longer, hospitals and other institutions of health care had big drops in patients.  Crime decreased other than those breaking prohibition laws and crimes associated with illegal sale of alcohol.  The point I am making is great things happen when there is a spiritual revival.  It begins to forge a new direction for a country when people become spiritually awakened and concerned about spiritual things that matter. Today we are dead to spiritual principles and knowledge.  Spiritual truth and knowledge has been carefully and intentionally amputated from our education systems and any other sources that have influence for Godliness.  There is only one way we can get it back!  It is a great revival to get truth back where it belongs.  A verse in the Old Testament prophet’s book of Hosea describes our present situation today. Hos 4:6  My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee,…….: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children. 

There have been revivals of the Christian faith over and over throughout history all over the world.  Wherever they have been it has left amazing and permanent changes that have affected the country always for good.  I would like to reference two in Canada.  One started in Hamilton Ontario in 1857.  This revival spread to many places in Canada but more so into the USA .   It is known as the great revival and really was hindered when the civil war started in the USA.  However, the revival actually was so powerful in ending the curse of slavery that it sparked the civil war.  It is so sad because slavery had ended in Britain already with no bloodshed with the leadership of Christian men like William Wilberforce who sensed his God call was to end slavery. In the USA it did not end without bloodshed.  The point made is that revival caused the spiritual movement that brought about good.   Hundreds of thousands of people were born again during the great revival time.   I would love to tell the exciting results of this revival, but you can Google Christian revivals in history and you will find much exciting revival history to glean from.   

The most recent one that I will reference was a revival in Saskatoon in 1971.  The pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church at that time was a godly man who believed in revival.  He went on a revival quest starting in 1969 until God again poured out his revival blessings two years later.   During that 7 week time in 1971 it spread just like Covid all over Canada, the USA  and around the world during the 1970’s.  Thousands of people during that time discovered Christ is the true Saviour.   Crimes of all sorts were confessed and corrected by people from all over Saskatoon. Bible book stores all over Saskatchewan would sell out of Bibles within hours of putting them on the shelf.  I would encourage you to Google the Canadian Revival, Bill McLeod.  You will hear him on various Utubes sharing the story of the revival of 1971.  Pastor Bill McLeod passed into eternity at the age of 93.  I heard him speak shortly before he passed away.  One night as he was helped to the pulpit, he said, “I believe God is going to send one more great revival before his return…….and I think it is going to start in Canada and affect the entire world before he returns”.  It was exciting for me to hear him say that.  I trust it was God who inspired him to make that statement that night.  I really hope his vision comes true because we need revival today to turn things around.   They did what was necessary to receive the blessing of the promise of the Holy Spirit of God upon their church and their city. 

To be continued……


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