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What We Can Learn From History

Pastor Dave Webster

The Best Gift at Christmas

We are in the Christmas season and we should be filled with joy and looking forward to a holiday time to share with family and friends.  However, many are not able to travel this Christmas because of their unvaccinated status or simply not being able to afford to travel because of a loss of a job.  I know several families who are being forced to move from the Prince Albert area because they lost their jobs. Many have had their budgets cut this year because money will simply not buy what it could a year ago.   Our country is in trouble and I fear the worst is yet to come unless there is an intervention.  That intervention may eventually come from the courts in our country. The wheels of justice grind slowly but they should eventually grind out the fine flour of justice against much of what is going on.  There are presently major court cases against the governments of B.C. Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  Time will tell if our courts will side with law and justice or with the political narratives of the left.  There is a major court case in India at the moment where the Prime Minister and the National Health Authority have been charged with crimes against humanity, crimes similar to manslaughter because of how they mismanaged the vaccine deployment. They had instructed provincial health authorities to stop using Ivermectin and other early treatment drugs which resulted in the deaths of thousands of people.  When Ivermectin protocols were reinstated in most of India the cases dropped again.  If this court case is successful, it will have a powerful influence on all political leaders in the world and on major court cases in the world.  My prayer is that it will be successful and that the political leaders are served sentences to the full extent of the law.  Maybe this will slow the insanity that is destroying our world day by day, business by business, family by family and life by life.  

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A Global Mandate That Prepared the World For Christ’s First Coming

As we enter into the 2021 Christmas season, whoever dreamed that we would be celebrating Christmas again with mandates, masks and –even worse—vaccine mandates that would be putting some of the best employees and professionals in our workforces and industries out of work.  It is unbelievable to observe the cruel division that is being caused in our communities, churches and families.  In my opinion that is almost the bigger tragedy.  The issue has polarized people on both sides of the issue and I believe it has been by design.  In country after country, it has been shown that vaccines are not really doing much except mitigating the seriousness of having Covid a little but it has not slowed the spread of Covid or emptied hospitals.  If countries would only do what Japan did on August 13 by allowing their doctors to prescribe Ivermectin. They flattened their covid curve to zero in a short time.  We still do not know the long-term effects of the Covid vaccine program but one thing is certain: in about one decade we will know what it is. Furthermore, I don’t think the outcome will be very encouraging and I believe it will prove our political leaders made the biggest blunder in the entire history of our nation, as well as others around the world. We are really learning that the politicians we have elected do not have much say in what is going on in this country.  The powers running our country now are media and big tech companies like Facebook.  The politicians are trying to keep their posts but it will only happen if media and big tech allow them.  These powers need to be broken for our countries to return to principle of freedom and democracy, that will help make our Canada strong and free again.   

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Common Sense Part 2

Thomas Paine was a writer and catalyst in the American Revolution War for Independence during 1775-1783.   One of his writings during the war that was distributed through the front lines for soldiers and generals alike was called “Common Sense”.  It was claimed that this writing and others of his motivated the soldiers and armies of the revolutionary forces to understand the causes of the war and how important it was that they prevail until the war was won.     

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Common Sense

When I was a young man working on my first away from home farm job in B.C. I remember clearly when my boss and I were greasing the silage chopper that he gave me a lesson on common sense. I remember that he said the most important lessons you will learn in life will be common sense lessons.  He said the most important principle you will learn growing up and working on the farm is the principle of “common sense”.  He said common sense will take you farther than any education or any university degree.  Education is good but only if it is mixed with common sense.  Then he said you will learn about common sense right here on the farm. 

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What we can learn from the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918 to 1920

One of the deadliest pandemics in history came upon the world in the last century.  It was at the closing year of the First World War in 1918.  The War actually is where the pandemic was fostered and spread through camps of soldiers in the last year of the Great War.  The first wave of the pandemic was in 1918 and concluded in 1920.  The pandemic was known as the Spanish flu but was actually the H1N1 virus.  It was called the Spanish flu simply because following the war there were media restrictions around the world that would not allow reporting on the pandemic. Interesting  that the media was censoring issues regarding the pandemic.  Some things are repeating themselves.   Spain decided to not censor the pandemic news so the first news came out of Spain thus calling it the Spanish flu…note ours is the Wuhan pandemic.    

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