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What We Can Learn From History

Pastor Dave Webster

Let’s Remember Our Founding Fathers and Learn from Them

Through my series of articles on pandemics it has made me realize more than ever that we are overlooking and forgetting some of our greatest Canadian heroes.  I want this article directed toward them, hopefully to stir some interest in us to remember and realize why we live in such a rich, blessed country.  We have a long list of forefathers who helped settle this country, who lived according to an important biblical principle. This principle is from two verses in the New Testament: “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends” (John 15:3). “Hereby perceive we the love of God, because he laid down his life for us: and we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren” (1 John 3:16).

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We Have A Rich History In Canada; Let’s Learn From It Before It Is Too Late

I am going to write this article reflecting on things that deeply trouble me about where we are and where we are headed in our Western free world.  These days I hate watching the news.  It is depressing and  troubling. What is happening to our wonderful country that has given opportunity to millions of people seeking a new start and who have had their dreams fulfilled beyond expectation?  This land has allowed people opportunities that few people in other parts of the world have ever experienced. There is no doubt that we who live in Canada live in an envious place. I have had the privilege to travel to many places around the world in my lifetime. The best part of most trips that I have taken is getting back to this land of snow and cold winters but the great goodness we enjoy far outweighs the few days of -40.  I actually like the 40 below weather if I am prepared for it.  I have travelled enough to know that every place in the world where I have been has amazing beauty in its own way.  Even the far arctic that I have flown over back and forth as a pilot has an amazing beauty that is hard to describe.  The hard thing to digest is when you land a float plane and taxi to shore on one of the beautiful lakes in the arctic and step onto the lichen moss, you sink ankle deep or up to your knees in water.  That all comes from the permafrost below the surface which never totally melts over the short summer season.  The other thing in the arctic is the thousands of square miles of rolling tundra with countless thousands of lakes that are so clear you can cast a hook out and see the lure 100 feet from shore, then see a multitude of fish swirling around the hook.  I have landed a float plane on those lakes to observe the thousands of caribou migrating and feeding around the lakes.  It is a sight that few in the world have experienced.  You can actually walk among the caribou almost like cattle on a big ranch as the caribou in the far north arctic regions have little fear of man.  

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The Bad Invisible versus the Good Invisible

It is so ironic that the world has been devastated by an invisible virus that no one can visibly see or even really know what this invisible enemy of death is actually doing or going to do.  But in this Covid-19 pandemic and every other pandemic of history there is and has been another invisible force at work. It is what we can call for this article the invisible good.  After studying and seeing the consequences of pandemics through history, it seems to me that the invisible good prevailed over the invisible bad viruses that caused so much devastation and death. 

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The Shake Up and Wake Up of a Broken World

In our present pandemic I have a strong inclination that God is shaking our world to the four corners of the earth. The “four corners of the earth” Rev.7:1 is an expression used in Scripture and means every part of the globe is affected by whatever is happening. The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the four corners of the earth.  The whole world has experienced a shaking.  I know there is lots of chatter today that this virus was born in a lab in Wuhan, China, and perhaps was an experiment that went bad.  I have heard that it was a virus that came from the wild animals that are kept captive in Wuhan.  I really doubt that either scenario can be proven nor does it matter.  The Coronavirus is what it was originally called but was changed to Covid-19 after some time and has taken on a few other names since. I learned the reason that they changed it from the Corona virus to Covid-19 is because Corona viruses are good and necessary for all of us to maintain a healthy life but Covid 19 is not a good one.  Our creator has so designed it that there are thousands of these different Corona viruses in the animal kingdom to maintain healthy life.  What happens occasionally is that one of the viruses in animals actually mutates or changes slightly from what it was designed to do in a healthy animal or human body and starts doing the opposite and does bad things in the body. It becomes a bad virus attacking the body organs or doing things that are unexplainable.  Such was the case with the virus in 541-549 AD known as the Justinian Plague that killed millions of people also with the Bubonic plague in the 1340’s AD that killed millions of people and animals and the Spanish Flu of 1918 was similar and identified as the H1N1 virus. 

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Where Do We Go From Here?

We are at an interesting time of history in our own pandemic woes. We have witnessed a global pandemic where the entire world has been in shutdown mode. The shutdown and quarantine measures are similar everywhere in the world. Many experts believe the global shutdown has probably caused more damage to our world than the virus itself but, at the time of its appearance, the shutdown seemed necessary. When we look at the large amount of information available to us on the media and news feeds, it appears we are going to face some catastrophic fallout from the massive loans our government is borrowing to keep our country afloat. The problem with loan money is it always has to be paid back. Who is going to pay it back? The answer is – you will! How do you pay back federal loan money? When we look at the large amount of information available to us on the media and news feeds, it appears we are going to face some catastrophic fallout from the massive amounts of money our government is borrowing to keep our country afloat. The problem with federal loan money is that it always has to be paid back. And who is going to pay back this loan money? The answer is – you will! You, your children and your grandchildren will pay it back in some form of taxation. In conclusion, with all these unprecedented scenarios happening around us these days, we need to ask the question: Where do we go from here?

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