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What We Can Learn From History

Pastor Dave Webster

Principles That Pay Off (Part II)

Jimmy Pattison was born in Saskatoon in 1928.  He started off his life moving from Luseland to Prince Albert then Saskatoon then Vancouver B.C. where he has built his business empire and still resides to this day.   He early life was changed when his fathers life was changed after attending a preaching meeting downtown Saskatoon on a cold winter night when his Dad went into a little church to warm up and heard CK Moffat preach the gospel. He was saved and his life was changed forever.   His life changed for the good as anyone who accepts and believes on Christ always changes for the good. Christ will make you a better husband, a better father, a better business man and a better citizen.  God never changes a person for worse.  He accepts us at our worst as sinners and cleans us from the inside out and gives us a new beginning.  2 Corinthians 5:17 If any man be in Christ he is a new creation; old things are passed away and behold all things become new.  This new thing that Mr. Pattison’s father discovered that night in 1932 is what people in Canada desperately need to discover today.  When a father is saved it affects his family into the next generation. Much of the mess we are in today is because fathers have dropped the ball in their responsibility to lead their families because of misplaced priorities. 

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Principles That Pay Off (Part I)

I had a very interesting telephone visit with a man who over his lifetime has greatly impacted Canada with his business success.  I had the privilege of having an interview with Jimmy Pattison, who owns the Jim Pattison Group of Companies based in Vancouver B.C.  I learned some of the background and life of this man who has grown from having nothing with getting his first loan in 1961 from the Royal Bank of Canada to having a group of companies with revenues last year of 12 billion, 700 million dollars in revenue and employing 51,000 people across Canada and around the world.  Two businesses his holding company owns in Prince Albert are Save On Foods and AM radio station CKBI. 

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Destroyed Through Division

I am becoming more convinced with each passing day of going through this present pandemic crisis that we are facing a much greater danger than Covid-19. This is the danger of divisions that the pandemic is causing.  We are witnessing nations divided like never before, communities divided, business enterprises that used to work together divided, churches divided from each other and, worst of all, families divided.   I have also noted that China is not divided.  It rules with a strong communist hammer and everyone submits to the rule of government. Are they trying to convince the world they are the model to follow? 

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Poor Bill

I listened to a video made by the Great Reset Group in Davos, Switzerland in January 2021.  The Davos World Economic Forum WEF group is made up of a club of billionaires and powerful leaders from different places in the world who are trying to reshape the post Covid-19 world. One of the prominent members in the club is Microsoft founder and billionaire Bill Gates.   They call the Davos WEF initiative the Great Reset. All the jargon they use sounds confusing but basically, they want to devise a new global way of doing business with global control using computer technology and systems to reform the way the world does business. They want to do away with capitalism as we know it or private control of business and come up with an economic plan to centralize control of banks and businesses.   Bill Gates has been experimenting with this for years in third world countries like Africa.  Every experiment has resulted in disaster as I see it.  What the Davos Great Reset meetings are planning – as far as I can tell –is a way to systematize a global way of doing business.  It will be pushed forward on the outcome of the global devastation of Covid-19.

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A Pandemic or Pestilence of Judgment?

Evil is something that is intended to bring harm and hurt and if not stopped will bring harm and hurt to individuals, institutions or a nation.  There is no doubt that evil is coming upon us in a powerful way in these days. Freedom does not come without a price. It is a blood-soaked gift given to free nations usually at a great price paid by a few.  Christ purchased our freedom from sin at the price of His blood.  I looked today at many photos of soldiers who died in WW2 who gave their life for our freedom.  It was the price of blood.  Our freedom was threatened so they enlisted and gave their life for our freedom.  Now it is our turn to stand up against evil and pay the price necessary to preserve our freedoms.  I think we are going to discover that Covid-19 was not really a pandemic as much as a plan-demic.  We all need to wake up and do something about it before it gets worse.  Things not long ago got worse in Russia little by little. It is a country that has been greatly affected by a history of socialism and communism. Today, if you drive across Russia on very poor highways and roads, you will drive by thousands of miles of open fields and country but no one is farming them.  I am going to share a quote from a pastor friend in Victoria, B.C. who came from Russia, then Germany, during a very evil time. He sees something happening to our country and sends us a warning.  He shares some memories of his family in Russia and Germany and what happens when a country succumbs to socialism:    

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