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What We Can Learn From History

Pastor Dave Webster

Lessons from Israel (Part 3)

Israel is a country that has been the most contested and disputed nation and piece of real estate in the world. Today, as I write this article, Israel is in another war with rockets raining down on them from the Palestinians. These weapons being fired by Hamas were sent to them from Iran.   Israel’s long history begins with one man—Abraham. Abraham is claimed as the father of three major religions in the world: Judaism or the nation of Israel, the Arabic religions of Islam in their different forms, and the Christian religion.  These religions all find their roots in Abraham. When I discovered this many years ago, I was amazed.  It has been said that religion causes so much trouble in the world, that it is the biggest cause of wars and strife. There’s definitely some truth to that statement.  However, the truthful answer to that is Jesus Christ is known as the Prince of Peace and the Prince of Life. Wars and strife do not come from anything other than religion and power, not from the Prince of Peace. Wherever true Christianity exists there is peace and life between factions and religions.   

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God Can Change things in Dark Times  

I want to remind everyone reading this that God is in total control.  You may question, “Why would God allow this Covid darkness to hover over our world for so long.”  I don’t know the answer to that; all I can tell you is Covid did not catch God by surprise.  He knew it was coming and he has every provision available to help us through it.  The biggest provision He gives is hope.  His book, the Bible, gives hope. His promises in the Bible give hope and his church offers hope to all during dark times.   

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Lessons from Israel Part 2

Israel is a small country in the Middle East that was not a country with any recognition until 1948.  World War 2 had just concluded, in which the Jews had suffered the atrocities of the Holocaust.  The Jewish population in the world had been seriously reduced by numbers as high as 10 million when all the deaths were counted.  The suffering and damage to Jewish families was even more devastating.  It is not something any sane sensible person, including myself, wants to think about. However, sometimes we need to face history and try to learn the lessons of good and evil from it so we can, hopefully, pursue the good.  There are many unbelievable evils going on in the world today like child trafficking, the promotion of abortion, sexual perversion poisoning our younger generation with drugs and sexual perversion and gang crimes in our cities to unprecedented levels.  It seems that our judges and justice systems have lost their ability to administer proper justice.  I want to refer back to Israel for some do’s and don’ts lessons.  I believe we can all learn something very important from Israel because God allowed the Israel nation to be the object nation lesson we can all learn valuable principles and lessons.  Israel is like a big 4000-year object lesson for the world to learn lessons of do’s and don’ts.    

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Lessons from the Holocaust Part (1)

The Holocaust memorial begins at sunset April 7th and goes to sunset on April 8th each year in Israel.  It is a memorial to the Holocaust, one of the most unbelievable events to take place in modern history, where over 6 million Jews were murdered by under the rule of Adolf Hitler.  Hundreds of thousands of Jews were rounded up and transported to death camps. Then, after being killed in the gas chambers, their bodies were burned in huge gas incinerators.  Other Jews were massacred by mass shootings by the Nazis. It was one of the greatest  evils ever committed against humanity. One of the reasons Israel has the Holocaust memorial each year is to remind people everywhere that we need to be on the watch for evil and be prepared to resist it.  The only way evil can be deterred is with a right power and vigilance.  To misunderstand the nature and threat of evil is to risk being blindsided by it again.   The world was blindsided by Hitler and his plan to conquer Europe and annihilate the Jewish race.    

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What God Could Do to Help Us

When I think of the situation our country and our world is in today, I am grieved.  I think we are in a dangerous situation as a country.  We are burning through trillions of dollars of your tax cash.  It is not the government’s money. It is the tax dollars of every citizen, every tax payer.  The government is creating money out of nothing but eventually this will need to be reckoned with and paid back.   Our climbing inflation now is the first indication we are on collision path with economic disaster.  For example, lumber prices have climbed more than triple in the last 18 months and other consumables are climbing rapidly.    Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper recently gave a speech on the dangerous path our country is on toward economic disaster; I tend to believe he is right.   

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