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What We Can Learn From History

Pastor Dave Webster

The Moravian Spiritual Awakening   Part 3

The Moravian Awakening or revival is probably one of the most significant historic events but is also one of the least known.  Count Nicolaus Zinzendorf, a wealthy landowner in present-day Czech Republic, had a burden and a vision to help the many persecuted Christians throughout Europe in the 1700s who were suffering under the edicts of corrupt priests and popes exacting their wrath on anyone who were rebaptized as adult believers, who then defected from the mother church.  It was a very dark and difficult time for Christians and Zinzendorf, a godly, dedicated man thought he had a partial solution for the problem.  The Czech Republic and his large properties would offer a place of refuge.  It was a big undertaking but in a short space of time a village was born and was growing.   This village was called Herrnhut, which means God’s Watchful Care. 

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The Revival or Spiritual Awakening That Changed the World   Part 2

The spiritual truth that motivated Martin Luther in the 1500’s was actually started by another Catholic priest and professor in the University of Prague, Czech Republic.  His name was John Huss.  Huss was someone that today we might compare to Jordan Peterson, who was a professor in the University of Toronto and who has taken a stand against the woke language pressures at universities.  If you have never heard of Peterson, it is worth your while to do a search and listen to some of his information.  His books, speeches and information are making an impact in the world.  He wrote “The Ten Rules of Life” that hit the best sellers book lists around the world.  This book recognizes that we must get back to basic, common sense solutions to life. Peterson, who has been hated and attacked for his stand, resigned from his tenured position at the University of Toronto, even though he was one of the most popular and effective professors there.  Petersen still lacks the true biblical faith perspective but I can tell he knows Christianity has contributed in a great way to the Canadian culture and we are loosing it.  He struggles with the personal aspect of the Christian faith but I am praying one day that will change.  

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The Revival That Changed the World

The Moravian Revival was one event that changed the world, probably on a scale of that similar to the Protestant Reformation.  It started in 1727 in what is known today as the Czech Republic, which was then part of Germany.  It is interesting that Germany was the birthplace of the Reformation in the 1500’s under the leadership of Martin Luther against the corruption in the church. Then 200 years later, as mentioned, another burst of light came out of Germany, known in history as the Moravian Revival.  Bible-believing Christians were still suffering intense persecution from the effects of the Reformation.  The Catholic Church gave severe penalties and punishments to anyone leaving the mother church and joining the Reformation movement.  However, the masses were discovering this amazing truth the Lord Jesus Christ had expressed 1500 years before in John 8:32, setting them free from oppression: And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. Jesus made this statement to people trapped in a corrupt Jewish religion called Judaism.  The worst and most violent enemies of true Christianity are usually religious systems.  I want to make it clear that all religions that stop following pure Biblical truth and Biblical practices become corrupt and worthless in one generation.  Every denomination is guilty of apostasy.  The main reason there are so many denominations is because there is a remnant in every generation who desire to get back to Biblical Christianity and separate from mainline religions and call themselves something different.  Often the group that splits off, if it doesn’t experience revival, doesn’t do much better than the group they left. Revival is the only cure for a contaminated Christian religion. Without revival the church is doomed to failure.   

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A Great Reset is Coming

When I ponder the events and circumstances of our present world it seems the world is quickly sliding into an abyss of chaos. Even with all the criticism of the United States in my lifetime, there is no doubt that the USA has been a deterrent to total chaos in the world. It has hindered the agenda of terrorist operations around the world for the last fifty years.  Even with the intervention of the USA, it seems the Islamic and communist nations keep gaining ground.  There is no doubt that when the power of the USA is neutralized all hell will break out.  The only way you can have peace in the world is with power.  If the power for good freedom and democratic principle good will be advanced.  One reason the USA has been hated so much by nations around the globe is because it has maintained the power to resist and deter rogue nations from gaining control and power.  The sad thing is that the USA has not taken time to find out why the evil powers around the world are doing what they are doing.  The motive behind what most terrorist nations are doing is because of their religious belief or religious ideology. If you do not change that, then you will never win.  What should have happened in every nation the USA defeated was to send in thousands of gospel workers to change the heart and soul of the country.   

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When Light Flooded the World

Martin Luther is referred to as the “Father of the Reformation.”  He ignited a change in Europe through study of the scriptures.  Light is essential to life.  In the very first verses of Scripture God said in 

Gen 1:3-4  And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.  And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.  Without sunlight we have death.  Note wherever you have something that blocks out light in your yard nothing will grow.  Light is needed for life.  The same principle applies with the light of the Word of God.  This is best expressed in the book of John 1:4-5  In him was life; and the life was the light  of men.   And the light  shines  in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.  This gospel light is essential for true life to be experienced and enjoyed.  There is no life where the light has been blocked out.  In the time of Martin Luther even though the world was very religious there was not true biblical light shining into society.  The corrupted religious leaders of that time did everything possible to block the light from getting to the population.  The other word for light is TRUTH.  The greatest source of TRUTH we can obtain today is Biblical truth.   We are experiencing something very similar today in our world where the TRUTH IS not allowed to get to the population and we are only getting half truths and outright lies both from religious organizations and from the mainline media.   We need a Martin Luther today to stand and expose the lies with a 95 thesis.  The 95 thesis was 95 things that needed reforming in the Catholic church of that time.  Martin Luther was the man in his time and responsible, along with several circumstances that simultaneously affected Europe, to bring about one of the biggest ripple effect changes the world has ever witnessed.  Europe was flooded with light and new life was emerging.  It is so sad to me that our education systems do not teach these important segments of history that so radically changed history for good.  However, the fact is that our education systems are being used to actually block the light from shining into the minds and hearts of our generation.  If they do teach anything about the reformation, it will be with a derogatory slant making Martin Luther look like a foolish monk who caused a lot of trouble. However, the very opposite is true.  Martin Luther was a brilliant scholar who was also a trained priest in the Catholic Church.  He spent most of his younger years in college first training in law, then transferred to study for the priesthood.  Luther was a very serious, dedicated and a diligent student who was attempting within his religious order to perform his duties and exercise all of his religious knowledge, trying to please God and the Catholic Church fathers.  Luther never had a rebellious bone in his body until he discovered some important biblical truth from his study of the scriptures that the church was not following.  He felt responsible to do something about it. 

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