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What We Can Learn From History

Pastor Dave Webster

The Small Pox Pandemic That Devastated Canada

Small pox was another virus that affected Canada from coast to coast over the first centuries beginning in the 17th century.  Indigenous people had no immunity to small pox resulting in devastating infection spreads and death rates.  The indigenous people from every corner of Canada were affected.  History in Canada would have been written totally differently for the First Nations people if small pox had not affected populations in the first centuries of European settlement.    

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The Morning Star of the Reformation

What Was The Reformation?: 

The Morning Star is the first star and last star you see at the end of a dark night. It is actually the planet Venus.  John Wycliffe is known as the Morning Star of the Reformation.  He was the first bright light after 1000 years of spiritual darkness. Martin Luther and the printing press caused the light of that star to shine all over the entire plague devastated world 150 years later. 

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A Dark Time in History: the Black Plague

The second major pandemic that devastated Europe happened 800 years after the Justinian plague that devastated the Roman Empire in 540-542 was known as the Black Plague during the 1340’s.   It was the most fatal of all plagues recorded in human history known also as Black Death. It caused from 75,000,000 to 200,000,000 deaths in Europe alone. History scholars estimate may have reduced the world population by 475,000,000 people in the 14th century.  It took 200 years following for the population to recover to its previous levels.  Since the plague of Justinian there were reoccurrences of the plague but was controlled by measures of isolation and that kept the pandemics under control but something happened in the middle 1300’s that caused a recurrence of the  plague to go out of control.   It is determined that the Black Plague death probably started in China and spread eastward along the Silk Route.  This plague was a virus that was transmitted by fleas and rats.  The reason for the rapid spread of the disease was mainly ships moving from port to port with infected rats.  The host rats were carriers of the infected fleas which were transmitted to humans and animals then transmitted from human to human.  This pandemic was very contagious and it caused devastating religious, economic and social chaos across Europe and Asia as often entire villages would be wiped out causing a shortage in farmers producing food for the cities.   The plague would infect a village or city and spread so quickly it would wipe out a large portion of the population in weeks.  

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