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What We Can Learn From History

Pastor Dave Webster

There Was No Remedy

2 Chronicles 36:15: And the LORD God of their fathers sent to them by his messengers, rising up betimes, and sending; because he had compassion on his people, and on his dwelling place. Verse 16: But they mocked the messengers of God, and despised his words, and misused his prophets, until the wrath of the LORD arose against his people, until there was no remedy. 

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The Warning from Above

I want to let everyone know we are living in what the Bible calls perilous times. I believe we are on the threshold of everything getting much worse soon.  I believe the Covid pandemic is ushering in other global scenarios soon.  I am not sure if it will be a year or ten years away but there are some ominous signs that we are almost to the end of this biblical age.  Scripture warns repeatedly that there is a day of judgment coming on the world. God warned and then judged the world once before and he has promised to do it again. But from that same voice of warning we can have assurance we are ready for whatever comes and have nothing to fear. In this article you will learn how to be ready.  

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A Premier Who Was a Preacher

When I was a small boy on our ranch in British Columbia, where I was raised with no sisters, only six other brothers, our mother would try to round up her seven sons to come into the room where the radio was and listen to the Bible Hour. She would say, “It’s time to come and listen to Premier Manning.”  He had a gospel program on our local Quesnel radio station each week.  I do not remember much about it as I was very young and it was not exactly first on our priority list of things to do on the ranch.  It helped if it was raining or snowing but if it was nice outside, we balked at listening to something on the radio when we could be outside.  I do not remember much about the program except there was nice music and this steady, very sincere voice that would preach religion.  My mother would always usually add something after the sermon like: This man is the leader of the Alberta government and he is very special because he is a godly man.  He believes the Bible and is trying to help Canadians read and follow the Bible by preaching on the radio across Canada. These are all distant memories as I grew into my teen years.  The last thing I was interested in was listening to a religious broadcast on the radio.  

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A Country Crossing the Threshold

If you study history with a biblical worldview there is example after example in the Old Testament where nations were warned of their sinful condition.  When they failed to heed the warnings they suffered severe judgment from God as a result.  Those nations were Israel, Babylon, Egypt, Assyria and cities such as Tyre, Sidon, Nineveh, and even Jerusalem.  Every one of those places were given not only warning about the path they were on but also very simple instructions on how to make the needed corrections.  What I have learned about this history is that each country or city crossed a threshold after being warned. Then, if they did not repent, it was often some years before God would send the promised judgment. He always gave them time to repent and correct their way but, sadly, often history reveals they did not repent or heed the offer of correction they were given. It seems that every nation or city crossed a threshold where there was no turning back.  

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Prove to Me There is a God

I have heard this statement often: If you will prove to me there is a God then I will believein him.  I made that statement myself in years past, in my searching days: If I could just have some proof.  Well, there are some very evident proofs that there is a God. 

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