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What We Can Learn From History

Pastor Dave Webster

Lessons From the Beginning of History

Israel is a little nation, whose beginning is told in the book of Genesis in the Bible.  The word Genesis means “beginning”.  We find the beginning of many things in this book of beginnings: the beginning of creation and the beginning of sin.  We read of the great flood that came on the sinful world, and of the Tower of Babel where everyone spoke one language, then were dispersed.   The Beginning Book reveals the sinfulness of all men and nations lost in sin and in need of a Saviour.  A Saviour was promised in Genesis 3:15 who would provide salvation from the curse of sin, and Who would conquer Satan by being bruised for all mankind. The prophet Isaiah wrote of this in 53:5:  But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our guilt and iniquities; the chastisement of our peace and well-being for us was upon Him, and with the stripes [that wounded] Him we are healed and made whole. 

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Many of you received an envelope recently from our church that had a magazine in it entitled Sound the Trumpet.  It is a message of warning and direction regarding the time that we are living in right now.   

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Lessons from Israel (Part 4)

From Israel we can learn so many valuable lessons for our nation and for our churches.  Israel was given guidelines by God to keep their nation in a special position of protection and blessing if they obeyed His laws but curses and troubles if they disobeyed and rebelled.  

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Lessons from Israel (Part 3)

Israel is a country that has been the most contested and disputed nation and piece of real estate in the world. Today, as I write this article, Israel is in another war with rockets raining down on them from the Palestinians. These weapons being fired by Hamas were sent to them from Iran.   Israel’s long history begins with one man—Abraham. Abraham is claimed as the father of three major religions in the world: Judaism or the nation of Israel, the Arabic religions of Islam in their different forms, and the Christian religion.  These religions all find their roots in Abraham. When I discovered this many years ago, I was amazed.  It has been said that religion causes so much trouble in the world, that it is the biggest cause of wars and strife. There’s definitely some truth to that statement.  However, the truthful answer to that is Jesus Christ is known as the Prince of Peace and the Prince of Life. Wars and strife do not come from anything other than religion and power, not from the Prince of Peace. Wherever true Christianity exists there is peace and life between factions and religions.   

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God Can Change things in Dark Times  

I want to remind everyone reading this that God is in total control.  You may question, “Why would God allow this Covid darkness to hover over our world for so long.”  I don’t know the answer to that; all I can tell you is Covid did not catch God by surprise.  He knew it was coming and he has every provision available to help us through it.  The biggest provision He gives is hope.  His book, the Bible, gives hope. His promises in the Bible give hope and his church offers hope to all during dark times.   

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Wednesday August 4, 2021