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What We Can Learn From History

Pastor Dave Webster

The Spiritual Perspective of Life After Death  

We have covered many subjects in the last 6 months from pandemics to revivals.  Revival simply means return to life.  It means to return to a life that has been lost.  The Scriptures teach us that we are reconciled to God through his Son Jesus Christ.  What does that actually mean? The word reconcile means recovering a relationship that has been lost.  We hear that word used if a couple who were divorced or have experienced a separation from their mate, then through counselling or through prayer their broken marriage is reconciled.  It means to return to the relationship the couple once enjoyed.  Often for a marriage to be reconciled there needs to be trust returned and proved, or apologies made from the heart to one another before reconciliation can happen. 

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Revival for Survival Part 4

A fact of Canadian –and more specifically Canadian prairie history – is that not that long ago the most important institution in every town and in every family was their church.  God ordained three institutions for the human race.  The first one was marriage.  The second was human government.  It is hard to believe with all the chaos and confusion in the world today regarding politics and elections that God had anything to do with it but He did.  He ordained government and gave principles for governments to function properly.  Governments are to manage populations and kingdoms through law and order.  Thirdly, God ordained the church in our age for a place for everyone to worship.  In the ideal society it would be families and government officials and leaders all worshipping in church and then attempting to govern families and countries according to Bible principles.  We don’t need a long discussion about the way things are today to know we are not doing well in these areas.  Marriage, family, government and even the church today is tried and found wanting. 

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Revival for Survival Part 3

Revival is not a religious commotion.  It is not special meetings with an evangelist preaching each night even though these things might accompany a revival.  A revival is when the Holy Spirit of God descends on a group of people in such a powerful way that it leaves a permanent change on those affected.  

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Revival for Survival Part 2

Revival is a term that is confused with so much religious misunderstanding today.  Few Christians know what a revival is, and I only know because of the study of history and the indisputable affects that Christian revivals have had on the history of the world.  It is a sad fact that this important aspect of history has been omitted from our history books in our schools or if it is they notate it with scorn and foolishness. It is a sad fact that our schools have been most opposed to teaching anything about our Christian heritage.  It grieves me deeply that our schools while funded by tax dollars in the billions per year have been the biggest cause of our Christian heritage being robbed from this generation. It was not that long ago that our Christian heritage and history was taught in our schools and prayer was part of everyday routine.  Unfortunately there has been an aggressive agenda to remove anything referencing God or the Bible from our education system and we are now beginning to reap the consequences of doing so.  The moral decadence and social problems like addictions, divorce,  abortion and large increase in suicides among youth and others of our populations are just of a few of the symptoms of a culture falling into chaos and confusion.  There is a war of ideologies being raged in Canada and the USA with a remnant of people realizing we are loosing something precious.   The truth is we are reaping what we have sown.  It is a biblical principle. Gal 6:7  Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.  What will it take to get it back?  Will it take war?  Will it take economic depression?  Is it possible to get back what has slipped away?  Do we just bury our head in the sand like an ostrich and hope someday we will pull our head out of the sand and everything will be better?   There is only one thing that will change things for good in my opinion.  The Bible gives me great hope that things can get better in our dark times of Covid and confusion.    

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Revival for Survival Part 1

We are living in challenging times.  We have a global Covid crisis that is plunging the world in more crises worse than Covid.  Some countries are suffering greatly from the economy restraints where much of the world totally depend on daily bread from working enough on one day to provide food for tomorrow like India and many places in Africa.  Our western countries are also feeling the economic affects in some areas more than others.  The CERB relief however well intended I fear caused more negative than positive consequences for many communities.  A good friend from a local reserve informed me that there are more drugs flowing from drug dealers than ever before that she can remember on one reserve in the Prince Albert area.  You can be assured if it is one the same will be true for the majority.  Not only the reserves but the cities we live in are plagued with drug trafficking and addictions with more idle time, unemployment and extra government cash flowing in each month.  The ER departments at the local hospitals have been seen more trauma incidents connected with the drugs and addictions.

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