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Janice DePeel

Hope Is a Part of Our Community

So often we hear the ‘top’ news stories on the news or the headlines of most digital and paper newsprints that lead with a tragic or sad event.  These stories are meant to pull us in.  Lately, Prince Albert has seen its share of news events such as the rise of COVID cases in our area and the way some of us have become negligent in taking care of ourselves and others as the pandemic continues to play havoc with our lives and the way we see others in this world.  Somewhere along the way, some have begun to assume they are infallible… but in the meantime they put the young, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems (like me) at risk.  And I am simply not okay with someone playing Russian roulette with my life.  When I start to feel angry about how others actions can negatively affect me, I need to find a reason to counteract the anger with hope.  My philosophy is for every negative thought I have about a person or action, I must come up with three positive thoughts to counter-balance it.  So the negative action this week is the spread of the COVID virus in our area after we had been doing so very well at keeping the outbreak down.  Here are three things that people are doing in our community, despite the rise in COVID numbers.

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Is It Our Right...?

The other day my family and I were out for a drive and stumbled across Prince Albert City Police attending the scene of a crime. We could see there’d been an accident and later we saw a police truck pulled on a tow truck with damage to the front end.  Usually when we see emergency vehicles, I whip out my cell phone to take pictures so we can look at the photos and see what happened in greater detail later.  This time, the scene seemed like it wasn’t appropriate to do so.  And that’s a strange thing for me to say because I am perhaps one of the snoopiest people I know!  The next morning, as details were released to the public, I’m kind of relieved I didn’t have my phone out, recording the scene as we drove by. And to be clear, I was a passenger in the vehicle and wasn’t causing distractions to the driver.

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We’ve Come a Long Way… or Have We?

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been reading cookbooks printed prior to the nineteen sixties.  Part of my interest is finding some vintage recipes that I can prepare for my family.  Hopefully they will enjoy them and these gems can become part of our monthly menus.  However, another part of my interest stems from the history the recipe books actually hold.  In a lot of ways, I find these recipes to be archives of the history of the people who lived at that time.  And we sure do eat a lot differently, for the most part, now than people did back then!  I am sure the Canada food guide influenced the decisions people made when making food choices, as they do now.  

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Self Care Essential To Feeling Well

Lately I’ve heard people comment how worn down they’re feeling and it felt like they didn’t really have a summer this year as it’s been the “worst year ever” due to the pandemic.  While usually I might agree with them, there have been things influencing my perception of life in general as we were forced to isolate ourselves several months ago.  I’m still not ready to socialize as I used to but I am grateful for the opportunities I have to interact with people over social media.  And I am taking advantage of little things that may not seem significant to you, but they have helped me to keep a hopeful eye on when life can be more “normal” while building memories with my little ones along the way.  

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And So THIS is Progress

As a new school year begins for my children I am contemplating what their academic year would look like if I sent them to public school.  I have home schooled my children from the get go so the threat of catching COVID hasn’t influenced my decision to educate them at home and I find that I really enjoy being able to use moments in our everyday life as an opportunity to teach.  And to be honest, I feel a bit of pity for those children who ARE going to school outside of the home.  I’m not saying my lesson plans are better than what children are receiving in school but I am saying with only two learners, I have time to give them one-on-one daily interaction with their learning.  And we aren’t constricted to such a rigid schedule with lessons taught strictly between 9am – 3:30pm, supplemented with homework assignments.  I like being able to educate my children ‘after hours’, which includes family nights where we play games, bake, cook, talk about things that are on their mind and just interact with one another.  We enjoy field trips, that sometimes last three or four days, going to the zoo and researching animal habitats once we get home.  There is always something new to discover and we take every opportunity to learn and supplement the curriculum with practical activities such as making dinner, learning about rainbows, earthworms or dragonflies and everything interesting we discover along the way.  It’s like school, but without the structure of rows of desks, specific time limits for teaching certain subjects and the instructor remains the same, every day.  

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Wednesday October 28, 2020