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Take Pictures With Your Heart

Driving down a lonely country road on a beautiful September morning, it is a delight to see Mother Nature in her glory as she pristinely adorns herself in yellow gold, red russet, every colour of green you can imagine and the loveliest shades of orange so stunning it's necessary to stop and drink it all in to fully begin to appreciate it. 

The air is heavy with the sounds of wild geese beckoning friends from far away to come join them in fields bountifully filled with a diversity of grains they could only have dreamed of when in the far north.  Before too long the fields are filled with the excited gaggling of Canadian geese and the white Snow Geese, who are migrating to cooler temperatures. Farmers are busy with their tractors and I can hear and see them swathing, bailing and preparing the fields for next year. I chuckle to myself as I pass a freshly summer fallowed field, its dark soil pristinely perfect when the farmer last left the field with his tractor and harrows.  Now I can see where someone has driven over the field already, and the perfection of the tilled soil is lost. I laugh because I wonder if that field is just as tempting to drive over as my bed is for my children to jump on after it has been freshly made!

The sun blazes down upon me as I write and my skin absorbs the warmth, like a sponge, deep into my bones.  Rain is forecast and I cringe to contemplate that soon the forecast will be snow.  So, for now, I close my eyes and turn my face into the rays of the sun. Grasshoppers give this moment an almost perfect memory of my hour touring around the outskirts of the city.  They rub their legs together making a distinct sound that just feels like an epically perfect summer day.  I don't want this moment to end however, my responsibilities are calling me and the ‘adulting’ voice inside of me is getting louder - I expect that is guilt talking to me. I should have brought my children with me and then I could enjoy my time now a little more than I am. My children would have loved this drive.

Whenever I go somewhere and my camera lens is unable to pick up the feel, taste, colour, sounds and smells of what I'm experiencing, I take a moment to stop and to take it all in with all of my senses.  Once I'm done gazing and living in the moment, I close my eyes and commit it to memory. I'm going to need it when snow is four feet deep and still falling this winter. My children always ask me what I'm doing when I look at something then close my eyes for the memory.  "What am I doing? I'm taking pictures with my heart so I can look at them behind my eyes whenever I want to."  I have a lot of pictures committed to memory that I have taken with my heart.  They are the ones that give me the fondest memories and a reason to smile even when life can be challenging and there doesn’t seem like there’s a valid reason to smile.  The pictures in my heart give me a reason for hope and are uplifting to my outlook on life and for my positive mental health.  Perhaps it sounds ridiculous to you to “take pictures with your heart’ but if you think about it, you’ve likely been doing it and never had a name for it.  You likely have a few special memories that just warm your heart and give you a reason to smile.  It could be a special moment spent with a long past grandparent or a special errand or secret held firmly in your heart because it was shared between just you and someone special.  Those are moments I consider as pictures taken with my heart.  I’ll remember them forever and they can’t ever be destroyed.  Perhaps that is the best feature of pictures taken with one’s heart…they can’t be easily destroyed.   I hope you're finding plenty of moments to take pictures with your heart in the next few weeks. They will be a comfort when it's time to build snowmen and the wind-chill is -50 which means your skin will freeze in a nano second if exposed to the elements!  And I wonder to myself, what about the skin NOT exposed? It feels frozen!  I imagine it could become quite cold and could make finding reasons to take pictures with the heart quite challenging.  I think for me, if not for events such as the Prince Albert Winter Festival, including fireworks and the bon fire, I would have a difficult time finding reasons to take pictures with my heart in winter.  My hope for you is you find many reasons to always have your heart ready to take in the moments that will soon be a precious memory for you.

How ever you are spending these last days of summer, be healthy, be happy and take plenty of pictures with your heart.

Have a great week, everyone!

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Wednesday November 17, 2021