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Could It Be A Miracle?

I am the first to admit I am somewhat of a conspiracy theorist and a cynic at heart.  I am not sure I out rightly believe in coincidence, although I’ve experienced my share of de-ja-vu moments and a feeling of “I’ve been here/seen this before.”  As far as I’m concerned, miracles don’t really exist in this day and age.  At least not the way miracles occurred when Jesus was on earth and he resurrected dead people back to life or changed water into wine at a wedding.  And I certainly haven’t seen anyone extract water from a rock, much less part a sea to allow people to escape from the bondage of slavery in Biblical times.  I’ve always been kind of a skeptic when it came to people experiencing “miraculous” events in their lives.  Whether they wanted to attribute the miracle to a guardian angel, God’s spirit looking out for them or the belief that a higher power was at work to save them.  All of these choices rely on faith, blind faith, as the explanation behind the unexplained.  Do you see why I may have a problem believing in miracles?  I’m more of a person who relies on logic rather than the unexplained.  And then a few things happened over these last couple of weeks to challenge my secure place in the land of logic.  

Looking over my garden and cleaning things out, I found three shrubs that I had purchased for a deeply discounted price.  The very next day, snow fell and I wasn’t able to dig a deep enough hole to plant the shrubs.  So I reasoned with myself that I would be able to use the soil and throw the limbs in my compost this spring.  Well, two of the plants are well and truly dead.  But one neglected cherry tree decided it should live and it is putting out leaves, which made the choke hold grab I was about to give it, soften and hesitate mid-air.  I thought I was seeing things but no, those where definitely leaf shoots on the branches of the cherry tree.  How amazing to witness something that should have been dead choose life instead.  I promptly planted it against the rotting tree trunk in my back yard.  The rotting tree will give the cherry tree the support it needs to root this summer while providing nourishment at the same time.  Very cool.

My second introduction to the power of miracles has come in the form of a Hydrangea that I saved last spring.  It bloomed over the summer and I knew I should have cut off the buds to prevent the plant from blooming so that the mother plant would put all of her energy into growth and putting down a strong root system.  But I’m selfish and I wanted to see what colour the Hydrangea would be.  So I gave the plant some extra love through fertilizers and then I read if I add tea to the soil I could change the pH of the soil thereby encouraging the flowers to be blue instead of white or pink.  The tannic acid in the tea is what would bring on the blue colour.  Well, instead I figured I killed the plant as the leaves shrivelled and dropped before the flower heads even properly opened into complete maturity.  So imagine my surprise when I was cleaning the flower bed and found that the plant survived!  Yay!

Well the third “miracle” came by way of a friend and former co-worker.  She posted to social media that her son had been in a serious accident with his motorcycle.  The pregnant elk he hit didn’t survive and his motorcycle was totalled.  He flew one way and the animal flew in the other direction.  From the scorched tire marks left on the asphalt, I figured there would be serious damage to her son as well.  Somehow, he broke his arm in two places and required surgery to put it well again but other than that, he’s fine.  Can you imagine the damage and injury that would have occurred if a car had hit the same animal?  Motorcycles don’t have seatbelts.  Yet he was on his feet after the accident occurred.  How is that even possible?  My friend doesn’t care; she’s just really overjoyed to have him safe and alive because of what could have been.  He is one blessed human and she knows it.  Oh, want to hear a further coincidence?  The accident occurred at Hansen’s Hill – that’s where I grew up from the age of 14 to 18.  Weird hey?

Maybe I have to rethink my stance regarding miracles.  There is so much in life I haven’t been able to explain or find a logical solution to.  For instance, what are the ‘ghost lights’ in St. Louis and how can they be logically explained?  Or why did I survive a cancer diagnosis as the doctor asked if my family knew it would be the last holiday they would spend with me?  So many others I know passed away as we battled through radiation and chemotherapy.  I lived and they didn’t - I don’t understand why.  Survivor’s guilt still eats away at me.  Not only did I beat cancer, I am cancer free as of this moment.  It’s a miracle given my prognosis at the outset.  Or what is up with crop circles?  UFOs?  Psychics who are unable to predict their own future?  Okay that last one may be more of a crock than a miracle.  At the very least a psychic should be able to predict winning lottery numbers – that WOULD be a miracle!  The thing about the belief in miracles is that it requires faith.  I can understand faith in God because I’ve seen his masterful way of caring for his children first hand.  But do I believe in miracles?  I’m not sure.  There’s definitely a force at work that is drawing my attention and it has me challenging things I thought I knew for sure.  I’m sure I’ll be able to logically explain it in a decade or two and if not, I’ll leave it in God’s hands and he can give me the answers when he wants to.  Until then I hope you find something miraculous that uplifts you and has you looking forward to what may happen next.  

Have a great week, everyone. 

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