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Introducing The Writer I See…

It’s a dark and windy night with the rain falling heavily on the roof.  I’d wanted to finally plant the seed potatoes I’ve had sprouting in a bag for several weeks but the inclement weather has settled in my bones and muscles.  I might have used up a little too much energy and now I’m in sort of a low funk, feeling glum and a bit dejected that a little rain and cold could waylay my best intentions.  I look out the kitchen window where I was going to expand the garden and plant my potatoes.  Would waiting a few more days really make that much of a difference?  It was a question I asked myself as my mood dipped even lower.  Then I thought of the person who could cheer me up.  Kim Laking.  She is a long-time friend whom I’ve known since before she was married.  And now she lives in a quaint village named Pleasantdale.  It sounds charming and I want to go there to see if it’s a lovely as it sounds.  Kim lives with her husband, a few cats as well as some strays, ferrets and their dog.  And it is her posts on social media that draws me to her profile today.  I want to read an anecdote of life from her perspective.  She always makes me think, laugh or just find a common ground that draws me closer to her and reminds me why she and I are friends in the first place.

Kim is they kind of person you can meet up with and talk, really talk, as if you had last seen one another yesterday.  She has an incredibly kind heart so it takes a lot for her to become angry with someone and usually, if she’s upset, it’s because she’s hurt.  Kim remembers the little details that make life so special and she acknowledges those events, she accentuates the positive and finds the silver lining in most things, even when it actually goes terribly wrong.  

I read one of her posts, while my mood blooms from grumpy to completely dissatisfied as the rain and wind both cease to calm down long enough for me to plant my potatoes.  Kim writes, “Thanks to our hard-working, highly inventive cat, Marty, we are learning to keep kitchen cupboards locked and countertops and table cleared before we go to bed.  Before we got smart we would be awakened by the sound of glassware smashing onto the floor.  Now, however, the little bag has upped the ante – she’s knocking over plants in our front room window!  The war is on, little missy!”  In the comments someone wishes her and the cat luck and adds, “May the sneakiest smarter challenger win!”  Kim replies, “I think she won.  We bring her to bed with us now, to keep her out of trouble.  Could be she was angling for this all along!”  I laugh when I read this and my spirit has lifted out of the doom and gloom I was in.  The funk has lifted and my lips are smiling rather than drooping.  Well played, Marty, well played.   Perhaps your name should be “S”Marty!  

Kim is a really incredible woman and I think you’d love her if you met her in person.  She and her husband have been married for almost ten years.  He’s her rock and has helped her through several challenges including issues with mental health that led to mood swings, thoughts of suicide and finally, a diagnosis of a rare mood disorder called cyclothalmia.  This disorder causes a person to crash into long periods of depression followed by almost euphoric highs of appearing to have a semblance of “normalcy” when facing daily life.  For Kim, being able to talk to her youngest daughter about what she was experiencing provided her a support system since her daughter has similar challenges she copes with as well.  Kim also says she has a strong group of friends who accept her without judging her.  She notes those people have very little idea how much their friendship means and the strength she draws from each of them simply because they love one another.   It feels very much like her friends are an extended branch of her family tree.  And that’s a beautiful feeling to have in a time when most of us are hermits, even when we’re out in public with family, tied to our cell phones for games and social media, busy with tweeting about what we are doing every other second and spamming social media with photos of ourselves doing not very much of anything interesting.  To have people we can actually have conversations with and build incredible friendships with is absolutely phenomenal, in my opinion.

Kim is someone I look up to and respect.  She has gone through so much and yet, every time something knocked her down she simply got back up again.  Her writing reveals how deeply she thinks, with a descriptive melodic voice amplifying her writing from okay to truly outstanding.  I keep harassing her to write a book.  I know people would love the stories she can tell.  Her intelligence and creative imagination is out of this world.  At the end of the day, until she finally decides to let the book flow out of her fingers and onto the empty pages of her computer, I’ll have to be satisfied with reading the antics of Kim, her husband, the dog, the cats and the ferrets.  Like Kim, when I reflect back on my day I hope I always see the silver lining and with a deep sigh I hope I’m able to conclude, as Kim does; “I am content.”

Have a great week, everyone!

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