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Education Promotes Limitless Potential

All of us, at some point in our lives, are educators, teachers and role models to others.  Sometimes we don’t understand the power of the influence we have on others, especially children.  I recently talked with someone who has helped remind me how much children look up to the people who encourage them in their everyday lives.  And now I’d like to introduce him to you.

Cody Demerais hails from Prince Albert.  He’s grown up in our community with strong Métis roots steeped in the traditions and culture of the Demerais family - taught to him by his mother, Denise and his brother, Chris.  Cody developed his passion for creating a store front clothing line from an art class where the children were assigned to create a label or brand.  Although barely a toddler of five or six, Cody successfully completed his art assignment but the project inspired him to want to do more than just earn a grade and move forward from the creative inspiration that had begun to grow.

I use the word “inspired” intentionally.  Cody’s intention in creating the Limitless Gear Clothing line is to let people know, as humans, we are limitless.  Each of us has the potential to do or be anything we wish to be.  He explains, “our brand aims to show people that the human potential is limitless.”  Cody is a living testament to the vision of his company.  There was a time when he was considered a “troublemaker who wasn’t going to amount to much.”  He is proud that he was able to correct his path and find a way to prove to himself, and others, that he is a role model and inspiration for others to learn from.

Cody recently enjoyed the grand opening of his business in Prince Albert.  No longer serving customers from the trunk of his car, he is now able to provide merchandise both online and in person.  He says that even though his clients are strangers, he enjoys being able to engage in meaningful conversations and enjoys receiving feedback from his customers.

It’s clear Cody is only beginning to rise as a superstar as he has achieved successes one goal at a time.  He’s been nominated for, and is now a finalist, for young entrepreneur of the year, he’s won several BOB awards - which is chosen by citizens of Prince Albert, and the Métis society presented him with the Inspirational award for his efforts in setting and achieving his goals.

In addition to the Limitless Gear Clothing line, Cody is also a motivational speaker.  He enjoys sharing his life experiences with others and encouraging people to take the challenges they are facing and turning them into a source of strength to step forward from.  One day, Cody hopes to share his story on an international level so that others are motivated and inspired to explore their own individual potential.

The rise to his current success hasn’t been easy.  Cody first opened up his shop three months after COVID hit.  Closing up shop in order to regroup wasn’t easy, especially when big box businesses were able to remain open.  However, Cody kept his website open for business and now his storefront is up and running too.  He appreciates how the community has rallied around small businesses such as his.  Without people giving him repeat business and spreading the word about Limitless Gear Clothing he humbly acknowledges it would have taken him longer to build the clientele that he has.  He feels grateful and blessed for the support he’s receiving from his family and community.  Your support helps Cody feel like he is a better role model and more effective motivational speaker. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Cody and his Limitless Gear Clothing line you can reach him at 306-981-6549.  You can also find him on Facebook by searching for Limitless Gear Clothing or visit the store either in person or online at

It’s amazing how far an art assignment was able to take Cody - it is now the foundation of his present and future.  We just don’t really know the way we can inspire the potential in another human being until we give the individual the chance to explore what their potential could be.  In Cody’s case, the possibilities are limitless.  If you removed the fears, self-doubt and restrictions of your own potential, where could you be?  I hope you take some time to explore the possibilities and figure it out!

Take care and have a great week, everyone.

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Wednesday September 22, 2021