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Hope Springs Eternal

We made it!  Somehow this past winter seemed a lot colder and more harsh than it actually was.  Maybe my perception is a bit jaded since I had some things weighing on my mind and I was having a tough time seeing a silver lining no matter how I looked at the situation. Finally I just put my faith to the test and believed that everything would work out.  Trusting in God is a powerful tool in helping maintain a level of sanity and order in my life.  It is where I find happiness and joy.  And as life’s load got lighter, I found my mood and outlook has improved as well.  I felt the bounce in my step on the first day of Spring.  I’ve started cloud gazing while taking my daily dose of Vitamin D while sitting in a sunbeam or outside on the deck.  I’m learning to stop taking myself so seriously and to laugh instead of become upset when I do silly things like spill a gallon of milk on the floor.  Seriously. The whole gallon - and I only managed to save half of it.  But now the cats come running every time I open the fridge.  They must think I’m going to make a habit of dropping things on the floor.  The truth is my arthritic hands and wrists couldn’t hold the gallon, so now I know to use both hands when the gallon is full.  I’m also in the process of learning to become less critical and more forgiving of myself.  I think my children need to see more of this side of me.  Over the last few years I’ve forgotten how to tap into my inner child... but I’m beginning to remember.

Playing in dirt helps. A lot.  Pouring potting soil out of the bag so I could transplant seedlings I’d germinated just felt so satisfying.  As I sprayed water on the soil to dampen it, I found myself squeezing the moist soil through my fingers and rubbing it into a loose mess inside the peat pots.  Pressing a hole into the earth, I inserted my seedling then tamped it down.  I have little red and yellow tomatoes on the go right now.  And I’m attempting to germinate strawberry seeds. I had six until the cat got into them.  I think two may live... I’m undecided about the cat! But I’m really looking forward to visiting greenhouses in the next few weeks and planting my containers and raised gardens.  Even potatoes will be in containers this year!

Seeing the migratory birds returning home also gives me reason for hope and helps me find the silver lining, no matter what stressors are troubling me.  This spring I’ve seen geese, black birds, robins, Mallard ducks, sea gulls, an eagle, hawks and a massive murder of crows.  I’ve begun my annual hummingbird watch on the internet.  As soon as someone in southern Saskatchewan or Winnipeg posts a citing then I’ll put my hummingbird feeders out so they have something to eat until my flowers are planted.  As usual, I plant flowers to attract both the hummingbirds and the bees.  I enjoy having both visit and I’ve even seen hummingbird moths eating at some of my containers so I’m hoping for repeat visitors this summer too.

As hope lifts my spirits, my quirky sense of humour is difficult to squelch - and I especially enjoy puns.  The other day my Mom was visiting and she went to grab a cup of coffee.  Our one cat thinks the sun rises and sets on her so he follows her everywhere.  I heard the coffee pot replaced onto the burner of the coffee maker and then an ear shattering scream filled the air.  “What cat am I stepping on now?” my Mother asked as the cat stopped howling, free from the foot trapping its’ tail, and it preceded my Mother into the living room.  I answered her question with a simple reply, “Probably the one that is under foot.”  She just doesn’t appreciate my humour but I make myself chuckle with my own quick wit.  She once lamented, kind of broodingly, “I wish I knew what I would be doing ten years from now.”  I told her, “You’ll be gardening.”  She looked at me, surprise lighting her face as I was so sure of my answer.  “Gardening?” she repeated as she pondered the idea.  “Yes. Gardening,” I replied, “You’ll either be planting daisies or pushing them up from below ground.  Either way, you’ll be gardening!”  Sometimes I should keep my wit to myself, I think!

Speaking of gardens, winter has killed some of my red raspberries so I’ll be looking to replace them.  My lilacs, Japanese lily and peonies are all coming back to life as are the Delphiniums and my one scraggly tulip.  The garden is always a source of joy and inspiration for me so I’m really looking forward to being able to be outside and planting very soon.  It’s only about six weeks until May long weekend, after all!

Whatever you are doing to lift your spirits and find reasons for hope and joy, I hope the positivity is one you can pass on and share with others.  Enjoy getting outside and take advantage of longer days too.  

Take care and have a great week, everyone! 

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Wednesday January 12, 2022