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Germinating Unknown Seeds

I have diligently been collecting seeds.  Each time my family enjoyed “seedless” watermelon, grapes, peppers, cantaloupe, bananas, strawberries, tomatoes, avocado, sweet potatoes, pineapple and pit fruits we have saved and planted it all.  Part of keeping organized has been labeling everything so we know which seeds are which.  This helps us to know the colour, flavour profile and size of whatever we are growing.  Things were going very well.  My seeds were meticulously labelled and placed on a moist paper towel inside a clear plastic container I had recycled from some mixed fruit we’d purchased.  Everything was going so well.  The seeds were germinating – I had tiny red and yellow tomatoes, strawberry seeds and banana seeds as well as some peppers and one black watermelon seed we’d discovered in a seedless watermelon.  Life was good and I couldn’t wait to have the seeds grow into their second stage of leaf development and transplant them into individual pots.

I keep my seeds on my night side table, under the lamp where they receive sunlight during the day and light from the lamp during the evening.  I was on the telephone having a medical appointment when one of the twins came to keep me company.  And suddenly I had water splashing onto my face.  He’d picked up the seeds I’d just watered and gave them a shake.  Not only did he give me a face wash, he successfully mixed up my seeds beyond labelled repair.  I knew none of the bananas had germinated and the watermelon seed was the largest one in the lot, and hadn’t germinated yet.  But now my two tomatoes were mixed together and, only because the strawberries are so incredibly small, I am able to save them.  I had planned to gift some of my tomatoes to friends and family, including a little card identifying the type of tomato, how to best grow it, the fertilizer they should use and the yield they could expect when beginning to harvest.  Now they will receive a “mystery” tomato!  

This year is my first real effort in attempting to grow any plant from harvesting seeds to growing and picking a crop.  I am on a Facebook group for gardeners in our area and I feel like I am so behind their efforts for this growing season as some of their plants already have blossoms.  One person even posted their cucumber is sporting fruit and more blossoms … it’s not evening the May gardening long weekend yet!  I feel a bit jealous… or should I say “green with envy?” Ha, ha, ha!

I’m tracking the migration of the Ruby Throated Hummingbird and I’ve been hoeing away at the soil in the garden along the fence.  This year I’m planting Sweet Peas for the first time in about fifteen years.  I have visions of the long row of Sweet Peas and Scarlet Runner Beans my dad used to grow along the length of our long driveway at Candle Lake.  He must have planted at least a half-acre of these flowers, along with Grandma’s Delphiniums in front of our picture window.  It was my favourite thing to do… watch the Hummingbirds battle amongst each other as each tried to sip the nectar from the flowers.  They’re very territorial birds and their angry chirping at each other as they flew at each other and danced in the air makes those memories for me feel very light hearted and gay.  These memories are some of the best ones I have growing up and I’d like them for my children too.

As I prepare to put up fresh feeders for the Hummingbirds, I’m looking for ideas to keep the ants out.  Any ideas on how I can make home-made ant traps that keep them out of the nectar in my Hummingbird feeders?  Send your ideas to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I’ll share my attempts next month.

Take care and have a great week, everyone.

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Wednesday January 12, 2022