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Beauty All Around Us

My family and I took another drive to points north the other day.  Each time we drive this particular road, I’m fascinated by all the change I see, even from one week to the next.  Lately we’ve been doing a lot of traveling between La Ronge and Saskatoon.  And it’s been really spectacular to see the willows turn red as the leaves prepare to bud and open, and I’ve enjoyed watching the pussy willows in all of the glorious grandeur.  I have even found myself fantasizing where I’d plant specific plants after seeing a few greenhouses opening in anticipation of the May long weekend (but I haven’t officially begun to look and buy!) … it finally feels like spring is here despite my having not seen a ruby throated hummingbird just yet.

On this particular trip we didn’t see any of the wildlife that we usually do; coyote, deer, wolf, fox, rabbit and Whiskey jacks.  However, we did see Mother Nature giving us her best impression of the scenes we can expect to see in the coming months as spring turns to summer.  Of course, we were transporting beds on this trip so it had to rain but that didn’t even dampen our anticipation of being able to make our way to our destination and air things out so they could dry before being needed.  As we drove rain gave way to periods of dazzling sunshine, which allowed us to enjoy a rainbow for several kilometres.  My children enjoy studying cloud formations, as I do, and we like to note the pictures we see in the clouds.  My daughter pointed out that a cloud resembled an elderly grandparent, appearing to blow a kiss to us.  I snapped a photo before it could transform into something else.  I can see where she would think that is exactly what someone sketched onto the sky for us to see.  And as I watch the water droplets zoom across the windows, I am amazed that clouds can hold millions of tonnes of water yet they don’t drench the earth and drown us all.  Those puffy, marshmallow like confections are incredible wonders of nature that blow anything humans can create right out of the water (see what I did there? Heh, heh, heh!)

As we drove, the lighting changed as the sun moved across the sky and suddenly the White Birch looked like it had been painted with strokes of silver.  They stood out amongst the red willows and evergreens.  Although the illusion didn’t last for long, I was able to capture a few frames before the lighting changed.  And then another optical illusion appeared as we crested a hill and noted the ice covered lake Weyakwin appeared to look like a smokey mountainous region on the horizon.  There is one specific point on Highway 2 north where this seems to be what we are looking at, even though we know that it’s simply frozen ice.  The way the sunlight hits the snow covered lake, it’s a particularly breath taking view.  And I know I’m going to return to this spot later this summer so I can take the same picture from a different season.  Then my mind races forward and I’m anticipating seeing this scene in the fall as the leaves change colour.  Once again I’m struck by how beautiful our landscape is from earth to sky.  We have the most incredible sunsets, and sun rises, our northern lights and starry night time skies, especially when viewed away from light pollution, are beyond words and then we have the distinct pleasure of being able to capture all of these fantastic views digitally and with our heart.  Actually, some of the most gorgeous scenes I see are ones I’ve witnessed with my eyes and my heart wide open, remember the moment, sounds, smells and people who were with me and made that moment extra special.  I think we are very fortunate to live in a place on earth that is relatively safe, we are able to freely get in our vehicle and drive anywhere to witness nature at its’ best and we don’t need to worry about breathing in toxic fumes as we have forests all around us cleaning our air for us.  There really is beauty all around us.  What have you observed that has caught your eye while enjoying our warmer weather and mild spring days?  I hope whatever it is, you’ve found a way to preserve those moments of magic to enjoy on another day when things are more grey and gloomy out.

Take care and have a great week, everyone.

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Wednesday August 4, 2021