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Unplugged Has Me “Plugged In” To Life

The last couple of weeks have sort of blended one day into another as I’ve learned to navigate without a cell phone glued to my hand.  I have had a cell phone sporting a large crack across the screen since it was brand new, over four years ago.  And then it was dropped one too many times and completely shattered the screen.

My sister took pity on me and gave me an old phone she wasn’t using.  I’ve been quite happy using it and you may be shocked if you knew how many columns you’ve read that were created off that phone.  But the fate of said phone was sealed when, a couple of weeks ago, it sent an article to be published before I’d had a chance to finish editing.  One minute I was editing a word for spelling and then the screen on the phone did a “magical” power surge sort of aura before the screen went black.  I phoned to order a new phone the following day.

Learning all the features to a new device is my least favourite part of upgrading to new electronics.  I just want to plug it in and use it - I don’t need password protection, I abhor having to recall passwords to my social media and it’s frustrating to be near the 1000th level on a game only to have myself log in and have to start over on level one… it’s an app I’m now seriously considering deleting, I’m that frustrated about having to start over.

On the other hand, I’m enjoying the features of the camera phone, which allows me to zoom in and magnify the object I’m photographing, bringing it 12 times closer than it actually is.  Because of this feature, my family and I were able to enjoy a Sunday lunch with a pair of Canadian geese and their half grown family of four.  We also enjoyed watching a pair of white tailed deer frolicking in a meadow as they snatched mouthfuls of tender green grass in between their shenanigans.  It was quite wonderful to see the fawns with their beautifully spotted coats as it’s been quite some time since I’ve seen deer quite so young.

Later we shared the remains of our sandwiches with the domesticated ducks that live at a pond with a fountain.  It’s such a peaceful spot to sit, even on a cloudy day, and if we have no food the ducks are content to come spread themselves over the grass at our feet and quietly converse until they fall asleep… they allow us to have a satisfying visit and enjoy our interaction with them no matter how much, or little, food we bring on any given day.  Our last visit to the ducks happened only because we spotted a huge badger crossing over the freeway as we approached Prince Albert.  We were hoping we’d see him come onto a farmer’s field as he foraged for food but gave up looking for him after ten minutes or so.  The ducks swam over to us upon our approach to the pond and all of my children enjoyed getting out of the vehicle to stretch their legs as we’d just had a long day in Saskatoon for medical appointments.  As the ducks quacked and bantered back and forth with each other, we humans enjoyed how a curious young squirrel chased my daughter around a tree, each naturally curious about the other but too shy to allow either one to get too close.  My girl finally gave up and relaxed on the grass, watching the ducks.  The squirrel didn’t like being ignored and came running/jumping through the grass towards her, only to seize her attention and turn towards the sanctuary of the tree once he was within an arm lengths distance from her.  As he made a mad jump for the tree my girl laughed at how brave he seemed, and once he was safely part way up the trunk, the squirrel seemed to stop and enjoy the moment as well.

Without a cell phone in hand it seems like there are more minutes in each hour.  Time passes with much more ease and every second doesn’t need to be accounted for, which is just a lovely state of living at any time.  And then there are moments where time races in a nanno-second space of time.  I witnessed things happen, in a split second, that seemed as if the moment slowed down and I should have been able to stop it.  One of my twins must be in the thick of things, no matter what it is.  So over the last thirty six hours, he’s ignored the advice of others to learn things on his own.  The way he goes about maneuvering himself into these situations is a talent in and of it’s own.  He pretends to listen and take my advice to heart.  He plays with a toy, reads a book or waits for a sibling to distract me from him … and then he’s on the move.  Tuesday, he climbed a chair in the kitchen and fell off.  The fall didn’t have him crying, the crescent moon cut into the fleshy part of his thumb pad did.  And do you think he’ll allow a bandage to remain over the wound? Not a chance!  Later that night, he refused to use the handrail while going downstairs and proceeded to fall down the last few steps. Then, early Wednesday afternoon, he walked over to a hornets nest to see if he could help encourage them to move - instead he came inside bearing the angry bites of at least one hornet caught underneath his slacks.  The hornet died but I suspect between the pain of the bites and the pain of his “friend” turning on him, my boy needed quiet time with Mom.  And by the end of the day the nest was gone thanks to smoke and Raid.  And my boy is no worse for wear, returning to play outdoors within an hour of being bitten.

I’m really happy to be more familiar with my phone, particularly the camera.  We’ve seen some phenomenal displays of sun setting and moon risings with the smoke in the air.  And while I’m not enjoying the way I’m coughing to clear my lungs, even while wearing a mask, I am grateful to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us and has us captivated while we live our best life.  However you choose to plug in on the moments that make living life a blessing, enjoy them and make the best of them.

Take care and have a great week, everyone.

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