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Janice DePeel

Researching the “Perfect” Recipe

This past weekend my sister brought a few pieces of banana loaf home from work.  Someone had purchased the loaf from a local artisan who works out of her home and, at the end of the day, there were a few pieces left over.  I enjoy home made baking.  There’s just something about the taste and texture that is so different from the results I can achieve when using something pre-made or out of a box. Of course, there are exceptions where I haven’t been able to replicate the taste or quality that a manufacturer has.  These include items such as croissants, puff pastry, Texas donuts from my childhood in the 80s and Mary Anne’s (I haven’t figured out the cake used in making them) and, my kryptonite, coconut anything (long johns and McCain cake especially.)

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Kindness Goes a Long Way

December… I can hardly believe it’s here and we are a month away from beginning a new year.  For me, this is the month I traditionally hunker down in my home and do my best not to venture out into public at all.  I find the holiday season brings out the worst in people. Quite a few people who are out and about are preoccupied with a “to do” list a mile long, so driving amongst people who are focused on getting from one place to another becomes a harrowing act which puts me on edge.  For instance, waiting for an emergency vehicle, with sirens wailing, to clear the intersection the person ahead chose to repeatedly, and angrily, hit their horn because the vehicle ahead of them didn’t proceed when the arrow indicated we could turn.  When the driver realized there was a legitimate reason for the wait, she shook her fist then waved at all of us with her middle finger.  Shopping is almost as bad.  But then I dislike shopping to begin with so I won’t go there.

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Beets Galore!

I used up the last of my beets the other day - but I’m not too concerned as I saw a flyer advertising more and I plan on stocking up again on the weekend.  But first, I thought I’d share some great beet recipes which I hope will inspire you to expand your palette and try something new!

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Now I Understand…

Score! Jackpot!  I understand what it must feel like to have the long coveted big win in a hockey game or with a lottery ticket because I feel like I have won the ultimate prize.  To you it may just look like a neglected photo album, full of bumps and bruises where it has been neglected, slammed and had things thrown against it.  Yes, on the outside, the book looks like it has indeed been unloved for a good long time.  But there has been some sage advice passed down from generation to generation… “never judge a book by its cover” and so I didn’t.  Instead, I glanced at the first page of the photo album and scooped it up. I knew the treasure I had and I wasn’t giving it up for anyone!

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Heroes In Our Midst

Last Saturday was a day like any other.  My children and I remained indoors as heavy clouds threatened precipitation and, with the cold chill in the air, I was sure we would get another snow fall and this time it would stay on the ground.  I gathered a load of winter clothes to put through the washer and put the beginning of a pot of homemade soup on the stove to begin cooking.  As with any delicious soup base I started with my favourite vegetables; chopped onion, celery, diced carrot, minced garlic, a bit of margarine and a sprinkle of salt.  Once everything softens up and the onions are translucent, I add stock and keep building layers of flavour as the broth absorbs the flavours and nutrients from the vegetables as they cook.  My children are boisterously playing in the sitting room and then, their energy increases by marked decibels as my sister returns home from running a couple of quick errands.  She knocks loudly on the window from outside.  Then I hear her ask where I am.  In that split second, the quiet of the afternoon changed.  One single ‘pop’ filled the air like a sonic boom and black smoke rolled into the sky as flames shot as high as the tree tops.  As I pulled out my phone to record what I was seeing, she was on the telephone requesting immediate  emergency assistance.  For the two of us, that was about all we could do as people gathered and discussed whether the family was home or not.  And then we all heard the sound of something sizzling.  The home owner had just had a propane delivery not long ago and now we could hear the tank heating up.  The level of danger to everyone in the neighbourhood, and our community, rose exponentially.  I thought people would clear out.  Instead, the opposite happened.

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