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Janice DePeel

Language Is A Part Of Ones Culture

When I was a girl growing up, my siblings and I shared a secret "language" that allowed us to have a completely private conversation even when we were in public.  I never gave it a second thought until one day my niece looked at each of us, a look of confusion marring her otherwise beautiful features, and her mother advised her she would get used to it as she hadn't learned to break the code either.  By this time she'd already been my sister-in-law for well over fifteen years.  Our "language" was something my siblings and I had never considered unique.  Somehow we thought everyone had one.  And when we couldn't articulate what we needed to say, we had a series of signs, taps and codes we used to converse by drawing in each other's palms.  My younger sister and I found this especially useful when we "needed" to communicate during public talks at church.  The secret was to never get caught laughing at what either of us had to say.  Our "language" is a huge part of our sibling family culture.  I simply can not imgine who we would be without this part of ourselves being a part of our present and past.  The truth is, we will always fall back on our "language" to keep us close and communicating, no matter where we are and what we're doing.  

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Murals in Prince Albert Brighten Early Spring Days of Gray

Although spring is my favourite time of year, I do admit to feeling glum when the snow is gone and gray skies linger far longer than they should.  This year, when the gray skies and cold winds were blustering and chilling me to the bone, I decided to look for things around the city that make me feel cheerful and look forward to the warmth soon to come.  For me, I noticed the murals around the city, and although there are murals on display inside public buildings, it turns out Prince Albert has its fair share of art painted outside on buildings as well.  

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Spring Brings Thoughts of Summer Gardens

Spring.  It’s my favourite time of year.  And with the North Saskatchewan River now freely flowing, my enthusiasm for the season has only intensified.  I see Superstore has erected the green house and I look around my house at the seeds waiting for me to plant them and I am so excited to start gardening again.

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Looking After One Another – Large and Small

As the ice flows after breaking up on the North Saskatchewan River, I can’t help but think how many of us will be drawn to the water, wherever we live.  I’m always so surprised by the energy of the river and how quickly the water is flowing.  As beautiful and captivating as it is, I thought I’d take a moment to remind people to stay safe and think before you set foot on the bank of the water you’re visiting.  In addition to being muddy, the ice is quite slippery and very weak.  There’s no reason to step out onto the water.   Make sure you’re not alone and be careful as you enjoy the time spent near the water, wherever you are.

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Gators at Candle Lake Have People Talking

Velda Court’s home town of Candle Lake is growing and diversifying as a tourist mecca by leaps and bounds.  As with any tourist destination, it is the unique ideas people remember and talk about long after their vacation has ended.  Velda, along with her spouse, Mick Levitsky, have created a business that began as a hotdog cart, which was purchased on impulse one afternoon while Velda was at work in the medical field.  She says her parents, Frank and Anne Marchand, have roots at Candle Lake that go back to 1932 when her maternal grandparents homesteaded, running the trading post and the sawmill.  So, having a unique business is not new to Velda’s family.  One could say it runs in her DNA.

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