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Janice DePeel

Local Teenager a Judo Success

I can’t admit to being a sports enthusiast by any means however, I do  enjoy watching the journey of Janessa Keays over the last number of years as she makes a name for herself in the sport of Judo.  A quick Google search of her name will give you an idea of her success as a competitor in Judo, “a sport of unarmed combat that uses balance, holds and throws” says Janessa as she describes her technique. Born and raised in Prince Albert, this beautiful teenager has been quietly making a name for herself at Judo tournaments, earning medals at competitions in Saskatchewan, western Canada, Quebec and England.  For Janessa, the medals are a bonus to gaining new experiences and making life long friendships.  Ultimately though, her goal is to keep improving so that she qualifies for larger tournaments with the end goal of competing for Canada at the Olympic Games.

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Indigenous Artist Humble with Success

I recently became reacquainted with an old friend from college when I attended a beading class one chilly night in January.  My instructor, Barb Morin, originally hails from Weyakwin and Prince Albert has been her home for over thirty years. If you recognize her name, it might be due to her job as a teacher/mentor at Carlton and Saskatchewan Rivers School Division.  But soon, I think she will be best known for her traditional Indigenous art that is taking provincial, national and international attention.

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Random Acts of Kindness…

As the holiday season passes and each of us returns to our regular routines, I find myself missing the spontaneous greetings from strangers, the casual good natured waving as one driver passes another in the hustle and bustle of frazzled people looking for empty spaces in snow filled parking lots and the warm smiles that seem to be pasted on most faces during late December and early January.  It is easy to be kind when we hear an old man with a grey beard is checking a list for who is naughty or nice and there’s a lump of coal for those who fall short in being kind.  But what are we doing the other eleven months of the year?  I decided to take a look at Prince Albert to see if I can spot random acts of kindness any time of the year.

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Wednesday November 17, 2021