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Janice DePeel

Several Ways to Show Respect

I don’t know if I should laugh or if I should cry.

Some of my most joyful memories are of driving in the countryside anywhere from La Ronge, to Candle Lake, Nipawin to Meath Park and even as far as Waskesiu.  Sometimes we drove farther and other times we just cross crossed rural roads, exploring and learning where the best crops were and setting out bee boxes in hopes to catch a swarm or two.  We had a van, so when Dad caught a swarm of bees, we’d have to dodge a few curious bees on our way home.  When he set up the bee boxes, he always asked the farmer who owned the land if he could set up the box.  Often times, not only was the farmer happy to comply, he’d offer space near the tree line so Dad could set up a bee yard.  There’s nothing lovelier than bees making honey by harvesting pollen from lavender, alfalfa or canola.  Now a days, people infuse honey with different flavours but back then, Dad set up hives so the bees could harvest it naturally.

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Do We Ever Stop?

After a late start to the season, which was my decision to delay beginning to garden this year, my plants are finally starting to produce.  And I’m aware that we are nearing freeze up however, I’d like to get a bit of a crop off to justify the money I invested in the plants I do have.  Yet, at the same time, my mind is already listing the plants I’ll grow next spring.  I have a wish list a mile long and I know it’s one that will never see the light of day as I simply don’t have the time or room to take care of it.  If you’re a gardener I’m sure you can relate to the dilemma.  Sometimes planting can seem like viewing all the choices one can choose from an all you can eat buffet, your eyes are bigger than your stomach … or in this case, the selection of plants is far larger than my designated planting area.

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Reaching Outside My Comfort Zone

I’m a creature of habit.  I like taking the same routes to get from point A to point B.  I enjoy eating the same menus week after week.  I know on any given day that I will enjoy the same dinner as we had two weeks prior and I find some security, which curbs my anxiety, in having this kind of order in my life.  To me, making a reservation at a restaurant IS an impulsive decision.  So this past week I have lived outside my comfort zone in two ways.  First, I did some research on how to make hornet traps so my children could safely play outside without being attacked and bitten.  And secondly, I have been trying new recipes in an effort to broaden my palette and perhaps begin to enjoy food again by adding new flavour profiles to my repertoire.  Both ventures have been challenging and fun to experiment with.  First, let me tell you about the hornets.

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“Take Care” is More Than Words

As fibromyalgia sets into my bones and joints, making them hurt, I try to find a different way to create my column this week.  I decide to use the voice option on my phone and quickly realize unless I annunciate very distinctly, I spend more time on the keyboard deleting words I never said then I do actually transcribing my voice to create a column. It’s an interesting adventure and it sure is nice not to be pushing buttons on the phone or keyboard and feeling sharp jabs of pain running up and down my fingers.  Sometimes technology and progress does help make life a lot easier, despite the challenges.

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Eating Local is a Diner’s Delight

Have you heard about people who take all day walking food tours through highly urbanized cities?  Basically the premise of the trip is to see some beautiful areas of the city from a tourist point of view while visiting trendy, quaint and hidden gem food establishments that provide a bang for your buck.  Sometimes the food can be a little pricey but the charm of the people, the quality of the food and flavour profile as well as the portion size make an impression on patrons, so they come back again and again.  After a while, they feel guilty for their secret pleasure so they tell their friends.  Just so you know, I’m feeling guilty.

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Wednesday November 17, 2021