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Janice DePeel

Gratitude Comes in All Forms

Lately, as I observe how people interpret what “self-isolation” means in a bid to stay healthy, I’ve seen and experienced some very hurtful things done to me and my family.  I’ve thought about how people can do things to others and, despite the pain of virtual strangers hating me because of my actions, my beliefs, and my life philosophy or even because of my skin colour and ideologies… I forgive them.  Today is the Memorial of Jesus death, a perfect man who died for everyone to have their sins forgiven.  So I am not one to hold a grudge, especially because I’ve always felt that what goes around, comes around.  What I mean by that is whatever energy or ‘spirit’ I put out into the universe regarding anyone or anything… that is exactly the energy and ‘spirit’ that will come back to me.  For this reason, I am determined to put out only positive energy.  And I won’t judge anyone for their actions or behaviours, no matter how wrong they are.  I know I’m not the only one who has had some really despicable things said and done regarding them and their actions so I hope this little weekly article will inspire you today… because I’d like you to join me in making a list of things you’re grateful for.  My goal this week is to find five things I’m very blessed and grateful to have as part of my life.

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Reaching Out, Despite Isolation

We are living in a moment in history which, we will all one day look back on, and recall our actions with pride or with shame.  I say shame because I have seen and read some contemptable things regarding human beings acting at their worst – from selling toilet paper for three dollars a roll to contributing to the gossip and slander of people who were evicted from their home, it is sad to see how people lash out when their own comforts are restricted.  With that being said, I have no wish to dwell on those negative stories.  I’d much rather focus my attention where it ought to be, with those who are reaching out to touch their neighbours and bring joy during this difficult time.

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Inspiration At Home

Stepping through the door of the North West Company Inc. on River Street East, I am greeted with the familiar smell of tanned hides.  It is a comforting smell and one that only brings happy memories to me.  I am continuing my hunt for a craft resource I can rely on for quality resource supplies.  The Parenteau family has run the North West Company for as long as I can remember.  They’re committed to providing authentic craft resources, food, art and services to people from Prince Albert and the North.  As the door closes behind me, my visual senses are overwhelmed with all sorts of treasures hanging from the ceiling, walls and displayed on the shelves.  Even the floor provides the ideal location to showcase various items which may appeal to any taste.

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Inspiration Comes in All Forms

I recently decided I need to find a way to allow my creative energy to flow in a way that is more authentic to who I am as an Indigenous woman.  My journey began by taking a class at the Mann Art Gallery.  I am still working on the skirt I learned to make that day, although I do face challenges as illness had me beat a hasty retreat well before I was ready to leave.  Then my sister and I decided to take another class being offered.  This one taught us how to make moss bags and was incredibly interesting.  There is just a bit of it left to go and then it will be a beautiful completed project.  All the while I’m learning about my culture and identity as I make and complete these projects.  And I know I will make another of each so that has me doing some shopping… yes, I know – I’m taking one for the team as I shop for resources to start another project.  

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PA Women’s Hall of Fame Inducts Laura Quesnel

The Crow Moon is lazily making its way into the sky as I head north to the Prince Albert Wildlife Federation for the evening.  I’ve been looking forward to attending the Prince Albert Council of Women’s annual Women’s Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony 2020 for a few weeks.  I’m looking forward to learning more about this year’s inductee, Laura Quesnel.  Recipients of this award include a long list of women who have found incredible success in their professional and personal lives as they follow their heart with passion and humility. They have become role models within our community, working together to influence policy and change public attitudes in a way that promotes empowerment through equality. This goal includes advocating to improve the quality of life for women and children on an individual and community service level of volunteerism.

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