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Janice DePeel

“Kaboom” Can Mean Delicious Too!

A few years ago, Shannon Hurl, with the support of her husband of 26 years, Scott, saw a need for a new food business in Prince Albert.  Shannon had the support of her family, including her parents, Pat and Jim Clark, her sister, Robyn and her children, Brayden and Tristen.  With so many people backing her, and likely volunteering regularly as “quality control specialists” it wasn’t too long before Kaboom Kettle Corn was up and popping.

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Vision Boards Feel Similar to Vision Quests

A few years ago, every summer morning I would wake up to someone methodically beating a drum while singing/chanting on the bank of the North Saskatchewan River, across from my house.  Someone was trying to access a deeper part of themselves that only a sunrise on a fresh day while scrunching their toes in the lush green grass could give.  The first time I ever heard about someone meditating to find a deeper sense of self and faith was in the Bible when Jesus withdrew into the wilderness seeking solitude for 40 days and nights (see Matthew chapter 4 for more details).  And there are a lot of instances in the Bible that encourage the reader to seek meditation for better understanding of themselves and to also re-evaluate where they were on their own life course.  Lately, I’ve seen several people who offer vision quests to people as a part of a workshop focussed on building a better, more confident sense of self.  I’ve used vision boards as I set goals for myself and aimed to achieve them.  Some people have made a lot of money teaching meditation techniques… I think of the program entitled The Secret, which some people swear to be the only tried and true method of attaining goals through vision quests.  I’m not sure I’m willing to give one hundred percent of my backing to this program.  But I do know creating and using a vision board I’ve created does help me focus and centre my attention on my goals so that I stand a better chance of moving my goals from a dream to a reality.  Here’s why I think Vision Boards work.

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Reflecting on History and Tradition

This week I’ve been going  through the Métis Studies  curriculum  I teach  adult  learners in their education program.  Each learner  strives to earn their Saskatchewan Grade 12 diploma by taking  departmental exams and meeting the educational components required in each curriculum.  I have a major in Native Studies  with my teaching degree.  My minors  are in English and Drama.  I then  fulfilled a bucket list wish by continuing my education and I earned my Master’s of Education through the University of Regina.  And now I’m contemplating a doctorate. While this possibility rolls around in my head,  I’m considering what my thesis  would focus on.

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Lingering Pain Relief Sometimes a Simple Solution

I’ve had a headache since last Sunday.  All of the over-the-counter pain solutions available to me haven’t been able to touch the pain behind my eyes, going down my neck and into my shoulders.  With four children under eleven years of age, taking a “me” day is not an option.  I figured this headache was a part of the sinus infection that has been plaguing me for the last ten days or so.  Rather than the running nose and fever the children had, I was ‘gifted’ with the infection and headache.  As I searched for a remedy to ease my discomfort, I referred to the “tried and true” methods I’ve been told about by people who swear by the use of alternative medicines as a way of finding relief and maintaining a healthy balance in their lives.

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Healthy Choices Not Always Easy

When I think back to the nomadic lifestyle of my ancestors I have to admit I don’t envy the way they moved every couple of months, following the four legged animals they harvested or picking berries, gathering vegetation, or collecting fish before trapping over the winter months.  On the other hand, since they were always on the move, diseases that now plague us in our more sedentary lives were not even given a moment’s thought.  Sure, there may have been diseases however the “plague” that is cancer, diabetes and heart disease didn’t seem to really exist.  Now, we are completely dependent on buying our food, processed and otherwise, in a grocery store and most of us are no longer “hunter and gatherers” as my ancestors were.  And while I admit to enjoying a grilled juicy steak every once in a while, I prefer locally sourced food over that which has been transported across country or even imported from another country.  For some foods, especially exotic fruits, I really have no choice if I want to enjoy pineapple, bananas, star fruit, jicama or avocados.  

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