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Our Journey Helping Those In Need Throughout North America

John & Linda Braun


First stop on our way to British Columbia to visit brother George and his wife Mary in Kelowna, was our granddaughter, Chelsea’s in South Calgary. That was a 9 hour drive, so we had the evening to visit before retiring for the night. First thing the fellows did was to haul out the two kayaks which are to be delivered to our daughter and her family at Gray Creek, B.C. They fit quite nicely into our van and we were happy we could be “of service”. We had a nice visit with our granddaughter Chelsea and her husband Bryan, along with Chelsea’s twin brother, Daniel, who lives with them. He is still “looking” for a significant other… 

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The “Cowboy Campout” referred to in my last article turned out to be a barbecue and songfest at the “ranch” of one of the members of Rabbit Lake Cowboy Church . By the time they were done barbecuing and setting out “the feast” (no less), we enjoyed some singing and a bit of a message and it was time to go home. I must have conjured up the idea of a “trail ride” in my head - there were horses observing the festivities in the field adjacent to the house and that was as close as we came… It was a very lovely evening. 

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We became acquainted with Dodie and Sally Ferguson many years ago. They were part of the Gospel Jamborees which we had out at Little Red and Vintage Power Machines, and we will always treasure those wonderful memories! It is difficult to understand why such a vibrant, talented and loving wife and mother should be struck down by such a debilitating disease as rheumatoid arthritis, which Sally suffered from for the past 12 years! She enjoyed her life to the fullest until it was no longer possible to do the things she enjoyed doing. Her loving family and friends paid tribute to her by their vigil at the hospital every moment of the last week she spent there despite the fact that she was not able to acknowledge their presence. Be comforted, Dodie and family, by the many wonderful memories she left with you and the assurance that there is no pain in Heaven! 

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We brought out our ’62 T-Bird just in time for cruisin’ season - haven’t had it out since last summer and it should be great to see it out on the highway turning heads… We have not really been involved with a car club for a few years – sometimes think “been there, done that”, but we have made a lot of good friends over the years of being members of the Klassic Kruizers in the past. 

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I am enjoying it, because I was out to hang up my clothes (love my clothesline!!), take a reading on how many of my hostas in front of our house survived the winter (only two), and water my lavatera seeds and strawberry plants (which have many blooms already). I now know not to plant the hostas in flower pots, as none of them survived. I was happy to have most of the ones planted in the ground come through the winter just fine. Live and learn… With the bit of a breeze out there, the clothes were dry in no time at all. 

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