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I am enjoying it, because I was out to hang up my clothes (love my clothesline!!), take a reading on how many of my hostas in front of our house survived the winter (only two), and water my lavatera seeds and strawberry plants (which have many blooms already). I now know not to plant the hostas in flower pots, as none of them survived. I was happy to have most of the ones planted in the ground come through the winter just fine. Live and learn… With the bit of a breeze out there, the clothes were dry in no time at all. 

We decided to take a drive out to the Rosthern Cowboy Church on Sunday evening, as we had never been there. They were happy to have the best turnout since beginning the services there. We did not know anyone except Pastor Rick and our friend, Dodie – until the last two patrons came in the door and we were delightfully surprised – it was a couple that we worked with during our time volunteering with Mennonite Disaster Service in various U.S. States, and then at Camp of the Hills in Texas. We had a wonderful visit! We had also received an e-mail earlier in the day from our friends in Manitoba who we volunteered with on several occasions that they will be coming through Prince Albert on a trip west and would be stopping to see us, and they also worked with Bruce and Martha along with us. 

We were so blessed to have met so many wonderful people during our service with MDS. We would certainly recommend this mission to anyone who is interested in travelling and volunteering. Our years with MDS were just the right answer to “whatever are we ever going to do when we retire???” We bonded with our fellow volunteers as well as homeowners – and we often wondered if we were really there just to WORK – the contact we had with homeowners was so precious, as they could not believe that we would travel all that way just to help them get back on their feet again after various disasters. We truly were the “hands and feet of Jesus” as is the motto of MDS. Doesn’t get any better than that!! 

Another highlight for us regarding our time in the south was the day Jerry Paskiw drove in to Camp of the Hills in his motor coach along with some relatives and was looking to see the Camp first hand. He was travelling in the area and made a stop to see what we were writing about… He was so impressed with the Camp and its mission that his heart was moved to “donate” one of the wooden rocking chairs on the porch of the Dining Hall overlooking the lake, with his Dad’s name on a plaque on the chair. Ah, the wonderful memories… 

We are so thankful for internet access to many of the friends that we would hate to lose contact with. At one time, we used to connect by mail, but that almost seems a thing of the past these days. Cannot recall when I last had to purchase a stamp… 


We were planning to head out to Kelowna to help brother George celebrate his 83rd birthday on June 2nd. They really could use a “lift” in their circumstances, being elderly and not able to get around and do things like they used to. It has been over three years since he has been “out of commission” and we can see that it is a really tough row to hoe for both of them. His wife does what she can for him, but she is not well either. Unfortunately, the pill John has been taking since his stent was put in has been giving him extreme shortness of breath and a trip to the doctor indicated he should change the medication. As a result, doc advised he should wait about a month to see how this new medication works. So, we had to give them the sorry news that we would have to postpone our trip to Kelowna until the end of June. Oh, the joys of aging… 

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