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We were watching the football game the other night between Saskatchewan and Hamilton. When I met my husband, I can honestly say that watching football was not in my list of favorite things to do. However, over the years, I have grown to enjoy it (as they say, “beat’em or join’em”). The same thing happened with playing Canasta… 

In the football game we watched, Saskatchewan got a great touchdown in the 3rd quarter, and it brought back precious memories of John’s Dad - his view of football was: “STUPID! Why is one guy carrying that ball and everyone piling on top of him – give him the ball already!!” 

It was quite the experience to have the water bombers flying overhead during the fire on the other side of the highway from us last weekend. It was what I imagine to be - like being in a “war zone”. Through our back alley, we could see the smoke billowing in the air and it was way too close for comfort. However, when we went out to the road, it was obvious the fire was on the other side of the highway and quite a way down the road. From what we heard, it was (thankfully) more in the bush than the residential areas. Much too close for comfort… We certainly makes one realize how precarious our situation could be should a fire occur in our little subdivision! 


We recently had access to the “Senior’s Paper” and I paged through it, as I had not seen one for quite a while. John’s brother, Jake, received it faithfully for years, and often sent in articles after he retired from teaching. He was a very good writer! This issue contained an article about an old G randfather C lock. T he writer described a very old, precious Grandfather Clock that had been in his family and provided a photo of it, and at the end of his article he wondered if anyone else has an old Grandfather Clock. So here we are, sharing the picture of our precious Grandfather Clock! We love it! We thought it might wake us up in the night, but we sleep right through the chimes of the hour and half hour, or if we do wake up, we enjoy hearing the chimes. It was by fate that we received Jake’s clock which was handed down through the generations – the logical heir was his oldest son. However, on our way home from down south one year, when we stopped at our sister-in-law’s for the night as we usually did on the way down and the way back, as we were leaving, Rita brought out a gift for “Johnny”. It was the beloved Grandfather Clock and she felt that Jake would want John to have it rather than their son, as he has totally e s t r a n g e d himself from the family since his father passed away. It was a great honour for us to re 

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