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I felt compelled to attend the funeral of our grandson’s good friend, Will, this week. 

Although my husband andhad never met him, we had heard much a bout t his young man from our grandson, and it was nothing short of amazing what an impact he had on those who knew him and loved him. The packed large church was a testimony as to how much he was loved! He had been a member of the Carlton School Band along with our grandson, and the Band’s contribution to the service was awe-inspiring! They played their hearts out for Will! 

Will was the most well-rounded young person I have ever heard of! Our grandson and his friends could obviously see what a special person he was, as they loved to spend time with him at his home, and they were always welcomed by his family. Indeed, after they learned of the tragedy of his accident, they all got together at our grandson’s place to try to make sense of what they had learned, but before long, they were headed out to Will’s family’s house just to be there, where they had spent so much time with their dear friend and his family. 

The tributes at the funeral were incredible for a young man of 17. We learned that early in his teenage years, he had made a decision to live a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy, training and avoiding smoking, drugs and alcohol. What a fine fellow to have an influence on other young people!! 

Will was an excellent student who had plans for university. He loved all sports, played hockey, soccer and basketball – but his passion was training to be a boxer and he was already an Assistant Coach at the Boxing Club. He also loved the outdoors – camping, fishing and kayaking with his buddies. It is amazing that a young man could fit all this into such a short life! 

The memorial service ended with Wills band playing, following the family, and Mr. Monette mightily playing the bagpipes (mightily is the only appropriate word I can think of) as they brought Will to the back of the church; it was the most glorious sound to my ears! I am sure there was not a dry eye in the building! 


Our hearts go out to Wills Mou and Dad and family and frieds as they attempt to go on with some sense of normalcy, knowing nothing will ever be the same again! We surely cling tighter to our children and grandchildren, cherishing every day and moment we are privileged to have them with us. 

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