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We should already know by this time that spending time at cousin Ken’s involves manual labour!!! This trip, Ken was in the process of removing all of his panels and breaker boxes and rectifiers and inverters which were in the basement hooked into his solar energy system and putting them into a shed 75 feet away from the house, as they were causing them grief in the house. Everything was attached to sheets of plywood, so it was no small task - it took two days! John arrived just in time to be his “helper”… 

When we arrived at the farm, Jacquelyn was sitting in her chair like a zombie, in worse shape than we had ever seen her, not at all the bubbly healthy Jacquelyn that we have known. Besides dealing with the recent death of her brother in Tennessee which she was not able to attend, she was simply “all done in”!! Ken had been making all the meals and being the “haus frau” for several weeks already. As Jackie put it: “my git up and go just got up and went”! 

Ken was happy to have a new chief cook and bottle washer (me), that’s for sure! Cooking and entertaining are Jaquelyn’s very favorite things to do, so we knew she was really under the weather… 

Ken and John struggled the plywood sheets with all of the attachments up the basement stairs and onto the truck, and then into the shed where they were being relocated. It was quite a job for Ken to get all of the wiring which had been disconnected back where it should be and he told John “this is a one man job now, so your part is done”. John was only too happy for the rest! 

When we got up the next morning, it was amazing to see Jackie up and about, her usual bubbly self!!! There was absolutely no doubt that the paraphernalia in their basement had been adversely affecting her ability to thrive! 

On top of all of this, they had a husband and wife painter team coming to paint the outside of their old house two days before we left. It involved cutting down all of her flower beds along the front and side of the house, as they needed to also paint the foundation! That was quite traumatic for Jackie, but it had to be done. The old farm house was the place where Ken was raised. 

Ken had a small patch of wheat to cut and binder in anticipation of Uncle Herb coming out from Winnipeg. It turned out that Uncle Herb’s kids had other plans for him on the weekend, and that was quite disappointing for all of us, as we know that Uncle Herb loves to be out on the farm with Ken and Jackie and couldn’t imagine him not being there. So they had to binder the half acre without Uncle Herb… Ninety year old Walter Haberstock, who has been involved with every threshing event Ken has had on his farm, came out for the day to watch. Hah – fat chance he was going to stand by and WATCH and not help stook!! Good thing his wife was in the house… 


Then it was time to head to Brandon. 

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